Is Eve Online Becoming Caldari Online?

Once upon a time having a caldari female character gave a very slight advantage. So in a game where people train a month+ for 5% better in just one skill, of course there were many…but that was patched out long ago by the ancients. Or maybe it’s as simple as players liking the somewhat-asian feel to caldari.

You buy e-thot bathwater, don’t you cyrax?

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Looking forward to getting home so I can play Caldari Online.

only advantage i remember caldari females having was when Archura females could be bra-less with a top coat…then CCP fixed it :smiley:

I don’t buy, I have long been in favor of public bathing, lol.

The Romans knew what they were doing.

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All Minmatar ships look like something Mel Gibson drove in Road Warrior.


And the Jawas are the native inhabitants of the Fenrir.



The Gallente are down 73 to 17 versus the Caldari.
The reason? Caldari have infiltrated Galmil and are leading Galmil fleets in Glorius fights against Calmil. Calmil fleets that have obviously been established to pull Galmil plexers away from plexing, which is more vital than PvP when taking systems.

Wasn’t there a joke a long time ago that if your toon was less than 3 years old and you joined a large null alliance, you’d often be hit with “WTF your not Caldari? delete and restart for best stats?” I was told races had different stats. Not only did Caldari ships get the best EWAR crusiers, but their toons were the best.

Not everything is FW. Also, Caldari just have more numbers, largely because people hate the idea of being cut off from Jita (even if there are ways around it). Also a lot of GalMil just prefer PVP over actual zone control and don’t need LP due to the sheer volume of LP we are gaining.

Is that your excuse for doing bad?
lol ok
Maybe just roam solo and stop complaining everywhere all the time?
Bring Solo Back!

Have you tried undocking?

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The Prophet spoke often of the sins of his Caldari brethren.

I suggest you spend time alone, contemplating the void.

It will help drive out this weakness that compels you to cry out electronically into the emptiness of space.


You sure?

Most used ships | Abyss Tracker

The game is designed to be caldari majority and CCP willingly keeps it going and hold back development of other areas in high sec. Also, as the game dies due to bad choices, its going to become more of a reality. Its going to happen on purpose as the real players leave to force player interactions. This is the exact same scenario which has happened hundreds of times in other failing games for the same reasons over the last 25 years. The corporate world which is left behind after the creative genius has moved on will never be able to see beyond numbers, metrics, and marketing tactics.

That might have been during the phase of “alpha characters can’t use ships outside their race.” Race doesn’t matter and hasn’t mattered since then.

I like Missiles :smiley:

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Back on topic…

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