Eyes On: a guide to Minmatar T1 Frigates

Looking to fly Minmatar ships? I have the guide for you! Nice quick overview of the Minmatar Tech 1 frigates, giving you some idea of both what you will face, and how to fly it.

As always, feel free to leave feedback, share it around, and let me know how you feel about these little ships!

My other guides are here, if you’d like to know more about other ships:

In Rust We Trust, baby!


I would break the sentences up a bit into more lines scrolling all the way right is crazy long.

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What platform are you looking at it on? I have it formatted for browser, but if you’re on mobile I may have to do some formatting for mobile view. Thanks for the feedback!

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Pc with a normal monitor 1920 x 1080, just tested on my ultrawide and its the same using chrome and windows 10.

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huh, weird, I’ll have the guys in corp check it out. Thanks

Fixed it! For some reason that formatting never showed up on preview, but did on live. Personally, I blame an amarrian infiltrator, trying to prevent info about the min ships getting out…



Oh, use that husky voice on me again, mate…

If you prefer something with a lower risk of dirt and such, take a look at my other guides in the index post. I’ve done Amarr, Caldari, and the Gallente Master Race already. Hope they help!


By the way, I do crosspost this to Twitter, the Facebook eve group, and any other place I can think of. I’m sure I missed a few, and I’d appreciate it if anyone could get the word out on these blogs.

I’m not a huge self-promoter, and honestly don’t care about making a name for myself, but I really want to get info in front of new PvP players. So if you feel they have merit, would you be kind enough to consider sharing these around your favorite places? It would be much appreciated, and might help someone get out in space pewpewing. We all benefit from that, since it makes the world of Eve a more lively place.

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