I’ve asked similar questions on other threads, so, sorry if I’m repeating but I want to get a better understand of how your race plays a role in those game.

So here’s my questions:

Fleets and corps can be made up of any combination of races, is that right?

If I decide to spend my time in an area controlled/owned by another race, its not going to be like “HEY what are YOU doing here?!”. right?

Basically I could/should just pick my race based on how much I like the way their ships look?


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Actually, you should base your selection on how the characters look. Once you make your character’s face you are stuck with it - and each race and sub-race has a different look. Cross-training for different ships is trivially easy.



So is what I said about fleets, and corps and traveling to other races’ space correct?

NOBODY cares about your race in this game. Even the roleplayers - you just say you defected from the X race to the Y race because of reasons. Everybody accepts that.



In high-security space that goes by your standing with the faction that controls the space you are in…see character sheet > interactions > standings.

Amarr is the coolest race, though…


Lasers and armor tanks are certainly the best ships (Amarr), but the Amarr roleplayers are pretty weird to interact with.


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FTFY :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s a hard choice as to what to fly, but Race doesn’t make any difference for the most part.

It’s funny to see Xeux in a good mood! :joy:

They are used to talking to their slaves. Slaves never disobey.

This is not entirely true, in that there is an option to buy an item called a Body Resculpt Certificate, which allows you to access the character creation screen and adjust facial features beyond the usual beard, hair colour, clothing options etc.

It does not allow you to change your basis racial type however, so your advice is overall correct.

Well…never more than once, anyway…

Only if you buy new slaves. But those that are passed down to you and your family through generations are obedient.

^^ exempli gratia

OK so I can learn to use ships from other races. But where would I get them other than spending A LOT to buy them. My race’s ships are just given to me now and them or via blue print.

If I deleted my account and started over, would the daily gifts the game give start all over ? that is, it gave me a couple ships, If i start with a new account will I get ships again?

I know I can just use a different character but then I’d definitely lose the free stuff i was already given.

The ship-giving will stop very soon. You will have to buy your ships eventually, even for your own race. You will have to spend ISK to make ISK.

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Don’t delete. It’s your first character, something special.
Career Agents help, as stated in the other thread.

And of course Gallente is best, you should skill drones very soon! :wink:

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Definitely not Gallente - drones are worse than missiles:

Launch drones. Retrieve drones. Launch. Retrieve. Launch. “Attack the interceptor, not the battleship, you stupid things!” Wait 10 seconds to get a target lock on the interceptor so you can change targets… etc.

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You can do starter missions for ANY race, and they will give you free ships from each of the races. You can fly and accept these missions by flying to the systems.

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Your character’s background mechanically does not matter.

This is a little more complicated.

When you start the game, you are more-or-less “neutral” with all NPC entities. Even with factions that are, lore-wise, hostile to you.
However, as you accept missions and destroy NPCs your standings with various factions will change.

Destroy Ammarian/Caldari NPCs, you lose standings with those factions and gain standings with Minmatar/Gallente. The opposite is also true.
Shoot NPC pirates, lose standings with pirate NPCs and gain with the empire factions (Amarr/Caldari/Gallente/Minmatar)

If you have done a few missions already, don’t fret. It takes A LOT to lose enough standings with a faction to cause problems.
The magic number you are looking for is -5.0 standings with a faction.

Also… faction standings are NOT the same as Security Status.
Security Status is VERY different and has MUCH bigger ramifications that start earlier.

Don’t get too comfortable with agents giving you stuff. Those are freebies to get you started.

Unless you decide to start manufacturing things yourself (would not recommend, too many headaches) almost everything will be coming from the market (and by extension, other players).

As time goes on and you find things you like to do. And you can earn money doing these things.

  • Mission are a pretty consistent source of ISK. But they do have a “ceiling” in terms of their time-to-money ratio. One can only be so efficient at them.
    (note: As an Alpha player, you are shooting for Level 3 missions)
    – Incursions/Invasions are similar to missions but are more multi-player focused. And instead of ISK you will be earning Loyalty Points… which can be redeemed for various high-value items in stations.

  • Exploration is more chance based. Some days you will find nothing. Other days, you will hit a large pay-day. And other days you will lose your ship (as the most lucrative exploration sites are in the “riskier” areas of the game).

  • Do you like harvesting stuff?
    – Mining
    – Ice Mining
    – Gas Huffing
    – Shooting certain NPCs for certain high-value items (e.g. Tags, modules, weapons, salvage materials, etc)

  • You can provide services to others.
    – Are you good with photoshop? Start doodling things for people you meet, build a reputation, and earn commissions.
    – Do you like subterfuge? Start infiltrating corporations, build trust, and sell out their secrets to their rivals. Or just steal anything that isn’t pinned down and sell it on the market.
    (see also: acting)
    – Do you have a “silver tongue?” Try working your way diplomatically into a group and put it to work. Make deals. Earn trust. Be the negotiator. Get “freebies” from the group’s profits.
    – Have good taste in music? Be a DJ and ask for donations!
    (Note: The best part about finding a “service niche” is that your character’s skills literally don’t matter. These are “real world” skills!)