Racial Make-up of Eve Player Base?

Hi – is anyone aware of any kind of available statistics which describe the racial composition of the Eve Online player base? And, by that, I mean the fictional, alien races that you can choose for your character. I’ve been curious if it’s mostly evenly divided or if there is one type of race that gets chosen a lot more than others.

I’d wager that most players are Caldari.

We use to get that information. I wonder what happened to it?

Because of Jita, the Caldari are the most represented, then Amarrian.
With the recent changes, it would be a nice little tidbit to know.

I thought this data was available at some point and it showed Achuran specifically. Not because of Jita. But because their skill attribute point total was higher than any other race and the default attribute layout avoided needing a neural remap.


What recent changes? im gallente, and all i get is shat on.

I knew I had seen that data somewhere, here it is.

and for the bloodlines:

From Fanfest 2023, https://youtu.be/qfwZft7W2u8?t=675


What about capsuleers who wear those silly triglavian helmets, do they (should they) count as triglavian instead of one of the empires? :thinking:

They’re in disguise, under cover :wink:

Are they ashamed to show their face to the world or something? :thinking:

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That’s a question only they can answer.
More likely, the character creation faces do not have enough veriety and they don’t want to look like doppelganger of some other capsuleer.

Cool vid btw

I chose Federation, Amarrian, and Minmatar, but my choices were completely random. The Caldari is the word radical with the letters jumbled. I think people who play long enough make alternate accounts with Caldari because they know Jita is the main trade hub and they just want to start close to the money.

Meanwhile I had no issues making ISK in the game with the races I did chose to play. Honestly I thought there would be several factional and racial story arcs in this game. Anyone asking me what faction or race to play as would result in, “It really doesn’t matter.”. If this was D&D online all of them would be trickster rogues and not one dragonborn warrior. I would tell new players, if they like sleek ships, hotrods in space, then join Amarr. However you don’t have to be amarrian, since you just train for the amarrian ships, and go buy them anyhow.

I recently made an ALT account and I still don’t own a Caldari… weird ain’t it?

Have fun!

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How did you get a hold of my family reunion video… :crazy_face: