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Hi Guys! I’m totally new to Eve. I’m not big on fighting. I’d rather scavenge and build things. I’m also big into RPing! So my question is, in your opinion, which race and bloodline is least militaristic and more into the hands on crafting? Thanks! :heart:

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Great suggestion! Thank you!!!

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All races can do what you want to do. It’s how you choose to play the character. Don’t be one of those traitors.

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:rofl: Haha! And what would YOU recommend??

There can only be one.

Well that’s what I went with on my first character. Maybe I’ll pick her back up. Honestly, doing the tutorial over another 90 or so times couldn’t really hurt… :confused:

Race doesn’t really matter unless you play as an Alpha. As an industrialist you will probably end up with several characters - all 3 characters on an account can be doing PI, research and manufacturing simultaneously. If you enjoy running a business, Eve industry is a great choice - primarily because the markets are player driven and subject to disruptive events (i.e. the upcoming moon mining changes). There is a lot of strategy involved making sure you have the right product in the right market at the right price at the right time.

Industry is also a great choice if your play time is limited or fragmented - content is always waiting when you login and interaction with other players is asynchronous - you aren’t depending on anyone elses schedule.

I tend to think of my characters as employees rather than avatars. As an equal opportunity employer I have characters from all races, both male and female. Some I created myself, some were purchased on the character exchange. They all do a great job of earning me ISK!

We Minmatar are renowned for forging working equipment and starships from scrap and trash condemned by the rest of the galaxy. We are a people where defending and leading our own lives is our greatest mission. We also have a simple philosophy, “A single bullet can tackle any problem, so long as it’s big enough.”

Glory to The State!

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