I'm new and need some tips

I’m about to star and would appreciate some advice what to do, not to do, etc. I’m totally new to the game. Does the choice of the faction at the beginning matter?

Thanks in advance! :grinning:

Welcome to Eve.

The choice of faction does not matter from a gameplay perspective - you can cross-train all skills. Edit: it may matter to you if you’re into role play: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Factions

Eve university is an excellent resource for new (and experienced) players I recommend you do some reading on their wiki before diving in too deep.


CCP have created a number of video tutorials under the “Flight Academy” label that you can find in-game on the help menu or on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjulnwvUNLU&list=PLQvKSs1k6DLO6iVoip6ZUa5xiG1Ak7hW_

Good luck


Welcome to EVE. Embrace loss - treat your ships like ammo. Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose. Do the tutorial and at least the first five career agents for ship and isk rewards. If you end up losing everything there’s other career agents near other starting locations, they have the same missions but you can still get their rewards. Ask questions here and in rookie help and consider joining a newbie friendly player corporation.


although the choice of faction does not matter in the beginning, i like to think of my character’s background when considering what are their motivations, or by what means do i imagine they arrived at the places in their journey where i’ve decided to take them to go?

you can’t go wrong. just think about your story, and pursue your curiosity

Starting race doesn’t really matter these days, it just determines what race’s frigate and small weapons skills you have pre-trained.
Since you can buy any skill book you want and cross-train into any faction’s ships (in fact you need to train multiple factions skill’s to fly the various Pirate faction ships), if you don’t like your faction’s ships or weapons systems you can just leave them and try something else.
Many people tend to agree that Gallente or Caldari are easier to get used to for rookies due to drones and missiles respectively.
Having said that, Minmatar and Amarr are both still viable, but many need a bit extra training and micromanaging to get the most out of.
One thing you really should do is to visit your local Career Agents (found via the Help menu).
Those guys throw new ships and skills and items and cash at you like confetti and get you up and running in no time.
Their tutorials don’t actually teach you anything, but that’s why we have chat channels.

It just feels as if… It only matters how much ISK (in-game money) you have at the end of the day!

As new player I recommend not to worrie too much about anything! Just explore around and play the game, have fun doing it!


QFT! :+1:


Don’t fly minmatar ships until you can afford high-end duct tape to hold the rusty buckets together

Firstly, and most importantly, Welcome to New Eden.

Try and avoid the trap of grinding for ISK. Don’t turn something that you should enjoy into a job that you feel obligated to. Remembering this is the most important thing.
Don’t try to do Omega by Grinding for ISK. Even a paper round pays better.
Don’t obsess on specific expensive ships and fits because someone says “you must have a Gila”. You’ll grind, buy it, lose it and give up disillusioned.

(Confession: I really enjoy flying HACs)

Small ships are fun and cheap. I spend more time in T1 cruisers and below. They are cheap toys to play with, you can afford to lose 'em so will become happier taking risks and doing things that give you a buzz rather than worrying about losing something you’ve grinded for…

There is no “best ship” a lot of what is good to fly is what you enjoy flying. And even then it’s situational. A Magnate can be better than a bling fitted Stratios. You will be happier risking a 5-10m ISK ship taking a punt at a relic site deep in hostile territory than risking losing a 400m ISK Stratios. That Magnate may give you the confidence to pick a gem from under the hunter’s nose and escaping - a buzz and feeling of win, much more than becoming a nervous wreck not willing to risk your ship.
And remember, those fun cheap ships don’t require Omega skills either.

Talk to people. Eve has a reputation for scams and villainy. But like the real world; most people aren’t nasty. They may ignore you, they may grumble at the questions, they may become your best friend or give you an invaluable tip, or lead you on a wonderful adventure into the stranger bits of New Eden.

Learn the basic skills - the Magic 14 (and look up Eve University). Good fitting skills make your ships much more powerful. A bigger ship with low skills isn’t a good investment.

Play how you want and do what YOU enjoy. I’m happy in Hi-sec space. I like it there. I’ve been in Low and Null. I’m not afraid of them, it’s just not what I enjoy. You may love life in Null, great. But don’t go there just because someone says “endgame” or “lots of ISK”. There’s no win in Eve, just your enjoyment (not someone else’s enjoyment).

Oh, and you can fix Minmatar ships with cheap duct tape. But I can’t imagine why you’d bother…


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