How Do You Choose How To Start?

I mean mostly in deciding things like:

-Which faction(s) to do missions for, since you lose rep with other factions for doing so
-Which faction(s) to side with for FW, if that’s how it works (even though i guess it doesn’t matter atm with the apparently major bot problem ruining things here)
-Which ship hull(s), model(s), weapon type(s), loadout(s) etc would you start working towards first - since training/specializing to access better gear takes a ton of real time…

So i don’t mean as in “depends on what activities you want to do” as the faction choices are kind of all encompassing and the loadout being for general combat (with priority for pvp potential)

So basically how do you guys choose what faction to go with and why, what do they offer that the others’ don’t? Which factions’ ships/hulls/models/weaponry and equipment would you start working towards first, again, in terms of general combat/missions and pvp and why?

It’d be great to get some sort of informed idea of what to start working towards first, to help reduce the chance of wanting to change weeks/months down the track and lose alot of progress (in terms of faction standing, ISK and most importantly training time) especially since the only way to progress your character and their skills is either real-time or real-money - i’d probably just end up leaving (since it can’t be done by actually playing the game) and i know you can “eventually train everything” but that wouldn’t help in this situation.

Thanks for your time.

Edit: So far i have a Harbinger Battlecruiser with Mastery i think level 2 from years ago when i tried the game. Is that good to keep training for or should i go for another type of battlecruiser, or another hull type altogether? For weapons - people online seem to prefer missiles? Due to how they work differently from velocity, so should i train for those first or something else? Etc.

Faction of your char is up to your taste, it does not really matter. When I started I choose to run missions from lvl1 to lvl4 for Fed Navy to get the first bucks and train into further ships while progressing. Fed Navy also because it lowered the fees for Dodixie market (my home at this time). There are better ISK/LP NPC corps, but I was going with the useful standing increase.

My first ships: Catalyst, Corax (missiles are better in missions), Drake, Raven for PvE … Atron, Tristan for PvP, later Taranis, Hawk, and Enyo, Svipul, Thorax/Vexor for fleet PvP, and so on.

I switched training a lot during my first months, always based on what I wanted to try … gas mining in wormholes? Train up this Venture and gas modules. Exploration? Need probing skills, PI is nice passive income? Train to lvl3 and try.

Over time you get an idea what you like and in what you want to invest further, then you can plan your skill training. I would recommend to just try everything first. Training something to lvl3 is not taking ages, and gives you enough capabilities to try it out.

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Right now you should just be exploring the game and learning instead of worrying about min-maxing. What ships you want to train into will depend entirely on what you want to do in the game.

My biggest suggestion is to join the right corp early on so you have people teach you game mechanics and push you to learn new things instead of stagnate. I highly recommend EVE University, I first flew with them 7 years ago and I’m still today. Many who were part of my “graduating class” are also still active in various areas of New Eden.

Faction warfare. Get trained to kill the enemy.

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My best advice is start out with mining and learn those skills to fly a barge in Null where you can mine the really good ore. Minerals are always needed and mining will help build up your ISK really fast without spending real money.

You could then start your career as a PvE pilot using the ISK from mining to build your ships with . The more difficult the missions become the more ISK you will make without having to spend real money. Getting into an Incursion or Pirate FOB fleet is the be-all of mission running and is very good ISK. Plus you have the chance of making friends which is the best ship of all in Eve Online.

Exploration could be a good in-between for mining and PvE missions as you can make a really good amount scanning down Relic sites in High and Low Sec. The risk becomes apparent though as the escalation sites from High often times carry over into Low Sec.

Fast missions such as Logistical missions of hauling cargo to and from ports is a good way to build up ISK very fast and has relatively low risks involved.

Or you could the route of manufacturing which is very time consuming if you have the patients for it.

Finally you could dump a load of money into the game, around $100 each month, and buy accelerators and skill injectors to boost you to a level of game play by-passing the months and months of time it takes to train skills and earn ISK by working for it.

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Your first character in Eve will likely be chosen for role play reasons but, as others have said, it makes no difference in the long run. My market manager in Dodixie is Caldari and has 9.26 standing with Federation Navy!

For combat, all factions offer you a choice between long range (sniper) or short range (brawler). The various weapons available have different trade-offs but they all work - it’s basically a question of personal preference.

If you want to run missions and stay friends with all empire factions, work for Sisters of Eve and decline missions that involve killing empire faction ships. They have L4 security agents in Apanake, Lanngisi and Osmon.

The first thing I would do is roll a new toon before you progress too far with your skills. Since you have already let everyone know you are new there are players out there who will come and gank you because in their minds they see it as a “welcome”. Unless your ok with that… just be warned!

It’s cool, they don’t call me Whiskiz Ironscrotum for nothing. Teehee.

That’s actually a lie - that’s generally the reason i quit last time. I fell for a newb bait of turning yellow due to accessing someone elses inventory or attacking some other yellow or something on a station, before they docked, came out with a carrier or something else and killed anyone that got baited so i lost my main (but worthless newb) ship for some cheap lols.

You could say they, master-baited me.

Although I’m not really a roleplayer, I like the flavour that some roleplaying adds to the gaming experience, so I made this decision based on what each faction is about.

For me, that would be Gallente and Minmatar. As a result, I proudly have terrible standings with Amarr slavers and their Caldari fascist allies. :smile:

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