Is there a way that you guys can help?

Ok So Im really clueless as to what I should be doing at this point in the game. I have 18mil skill points and I’m lost. Is there anyway anyone can tell me what I should be doing?

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What do you want to do?

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Anything Im able to do, I have all these skill points trained and I have no idea what to use them for.

This is a bit of a chicken and egg situation I think…

The key word in my previous question is want. Do you want to mine? Explore? Fight? Haul? Mission (PVE)? Fight (PVP)? Trade? Build? Etc…

EVE is about setting goals that you want to achieve and then doing them…IMO, you need to honestly figure-out what you want first…and really put some thought/time into it.

The “want” part is all you BTW…we can’t help with that part.


Can you tell using this ?

I kind of want to PvP to be honest.

Ok so you are a fighter and if it’s PvP, maybe will suggest that FW is a great way to start. You could do that solo or join a FW corp. Or skip that stage and just start roaming in LS to learn the ropes…this is much harder though…

For me, I’d suggest FW but others would suggest different things…but with this, go do some research, watch some vids and then make choice.


Whats an FW corp?

A group of people that fight in the Faction War together for one side or the other.

Here is an old thread with some links to give you an idea…

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Red vs Blue is another option but I really don’t know much about that…


Thanks man.

NP…best of luck and fly safe…o7

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Wow, that was an old post from me about FW. I did try it on my main in the end and it was OK, I ended up joining a corp in the Gallente FW and it was ok, yuo can go out and fight solo or in fleets. I did leave and am now in Wormhole Space but am thinking my options as there are few EUTZ people on when I am on.

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Ha…I just posted the first serious RvB thread I cam across…

Maybe you can answer this: In your opinion, is RvB better or worse than FW as a first step into PvP for a new player?


You completely lost me.

So you’ve trained a bunch of skills with no idea what you’re going to do? What skills have you trained? Ship skills, industry, mining?

A mix of all of them?

If you just have a mix of allsorts then maybe think about starting over then you can focus in one direction. Losing 18m skill points at this stage isn’t a disaster.


I would go with Runa’s advice and try out Red vs Blue first. Get some basic PvP practice and experience, then maybe look for a Faction Warfare corp to join and get a little more PvP experience and build up some ISK.

Then maybe join one of the Nullsec recruiters like (I honestly have no idea who’s good down there anymore) Brave Newbies, Pandemic Horde, Karmafleet or Brand NewBros (if they’re still around). I think even EVE University has some training for PvP and Null stuff.

In general though, you want to pick a role and develop your SP towards the needs of that role, rather than say “Hey I’ve got 18M SP now what do I do with them?”. I doubt you would need to restart anything but just focus future training a bit more, and/or use skill extractors to reshuffle any skills that end up unused.

I had the same progression. But I think FW is a really good way to start your journey into PvP. There is constantly something to do that will eventually result in fights and you can learn what works and what doesn’t. Also the occasional kitchen sink fleets that used to form to roam around where always a lot of fun.

There are RvB ‘kitchen sink’ fleets most days now, and they are indeed enormous fun.

well , i think the best thing to do with low sp and low isk is to join faction warfare, you can buy your plex there , and learn how to stop shaking wen you are doing pvp, then you can be a scary eve person :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: there is a old eve saying , your ammo is more expensive than my ship… , its a nice moto to live by
im old eve char but i like the simple things the most, small ships , solo play , do what you want , you dont need to be good or a hero , just have some fun