Returning player noticing very few ship types

So returning player and been running around in my TFI Battleship and doing the Gala Event, random combat Anoms , Security L4s, and other misc things and noticed something. I see the same 4 ships everywhere I go. The Gila, Tengu, Rattlesnake, Machariel and that is really it. I see miners, haulers, and exploration vessels of course, but when it comes to combat this is the mass majority (and I do mean MASS). Are these simply the go to ships and such a step ahead that few use anything else. It’s kinda disheartening honestly and makes this massive world seem a little bland. What ships do you guys see the most or is it just me?

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Events the way they are just really promote the gila and rattlesnake. One of the recent ones had very heavy neuts so a pure passive shield tank or a lot of cap boosting and batteries were the only two good ways. And a pure passive shield tank is much easier.

So everyone already has their set ups from that event

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Hah you think its bland up in high sec come down to null. 100MN oversized Afterburner Vexor Navy Issues literally EVERYWHERE. People will gravitate towards the best ships and there is nothing to be done about it. Even if CCP were to nerf the ships that are currently in favor now other ones would just spring up to take their place. Yeah it’s stagnant but that’s just the way EVE is. People are gonna do what makes them the most money the fastest.

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Oh yeah! How could I have forgotten all the Vexor Navy Issues and Ishtars, my bad…

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For the current event sites the gila is just a good option. can hit the small stuff, can tank, and can dps on the big target at the end. BS are usually too slow to get around efficiently and would have trouble hitting the small stuff. And some other cruisers have better/worse gank/tank. The vigilant was great for one of the past events as it could just warp in at 0 and blast away at all the spawns with 90% webs. And another one of the earlier events had a bunch of frigate spawns at various ranges and then an acceleration gate into the last room where the boss spawned right away. For that something like a t3d was great as you didn’t have to wait for drones to recall, and it would beat the larger ships into the last room to snipe the boss and could tank the add spawns.

As far as missions go marauders are just silly expensive right now thanks to ccp’s moon goo shakeup, and also skill intensive and don’t have clear benefits over pirate bs for most cases. T1 bs are good for newbs, but pirate BS are pretty cheap so they get the most use, pretty much all have better utility and similar price to navy BS. Mach is largely king thanks to the warp speed bonus, mobility, and great AC dps/application. Barghest and nightmare are both pretty decent pve bs, likely see more nightmares in amarr space compared to the other regions. and the barghest is still a bit expensive but I think it has a nice niche. Rattlesnake is the new faceroll BS option, personally I hate flying them but can understand the appeal. Nestor doesn’t really work well for highsec pve, Bhaal and vindi are better off in pvp, although vindi does have a nice incursion role.

Also for missions there are burners. There are a handful of frig/cruisers that are useful there. Pairs well with the mach for blitzing.

Tengus, I wouldn’t fly one for highsec content, but makes for a nice lazy f1 machine. Pretty sure they get locked out of most highsec ded sites so probably not worth running there. and if you can fly a tengu the anoms probably aren’t worth running either. Missions better off with a BS almost every time. I’ve heard the loki makes for a better missile ship in many cases. Proteus has an interesting lv3 blitz fit. Can’t really comment on the legion.

lv 1/2/3 missions pretty much anything should work, probably see more variety there. frigs or dessys for lv1s, cruisers on lv2s, and bcs on lv3s.

Nullsec afk drone boats are very popular. can’t see the appeal of it myself though. Come to null and rat it’s fun I swear pay no attention to the 10-15% tax rate. At higher SP/isk options you get carrier/super ratting and smartbomb ratting.


CCP has neglected balance for a while now and that has allowed a few ships that are marginally better than their peers to dominate. Hopefully that is changing and small balance passes like the one scheduled for March will occur regularly.


I mostly see nyxes rorquals and vnis where I ‘live’

There is a little typo in there, it was clearly meant to say afk bots. No worries, I got you.

Clearly bots are too good,being on coms making jokes playing only for 2-3hr a day at most.

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