Solo Fit for Triglavian Invasion

Hi All,

Im an old pve (L4 Sec & Incursions) pilot that flies using an armor tank. Thinking about running Trig sites solo using a marauder…

Was wondering if there is a specific dmg profile from the trig ships that you need to fit for or is an omni-tank doable. I have tried looking online for a marauder fit fir triglavian sites but have been unable to find one.

Any Ideas for the fit?

BTW, the hull is the Kronos

Thanks for the advice in advance

Disintegrators do thermal and explosion damage.

so 2 a-type eanms, a t2 anti-exp pump, and a RAH with an x-type repper then for the tank?

Need more than just an X-type, dual rep suggested as the trig turrets amp the longer they are on you.

Also you need high tracking or webs to hit the fast movers.

currently have 2 faction tracking comps and a tracking enhancer and 2 mag stabs with a t2 burst aerator
no more room in the low without removing either a tank or gun mod…

can swap a faction tc for a faction web… but no bonus for webs on the kronos…

Sometimes its the benefit over the bonuses.

Not knowing your fit makes it hard. Tracking ehancer would be my choice to replace, but thats me.
Midslot depends on what else your running, along with what weapons your using.

For comparison, I’ve run a Kronos in the emerging conduits, not minors or majors yet, and have not needed a tracking enhancer. Just a T2 grappler and web is enough damage application to occasionally get smashing hits that one-shots even trig frigs with void.

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