Triglavian Collective ships when coming to tranquility?

does anyone know when? And will we ba able to fly them?

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sorry in advance :sob:

Next Friday at 12:00 UTC Fanfest attendees will be able to:

“Join CCP Burger in this presenation that covers the origins of the Triglavian Collective, where they come from and how pilots will be able to interact with them and the content they bring to New Eden.”

Hopefully this will be part of the twitch stream for those of us unable to attend the event.

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It damn well better be!

They are patched on TQ, there is one in Yulai :roll_eyes:

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Unless we’ll be able to gain access to these new ships, modules and weapons I think it will be another missed opportunity (just like the Drifters),



Looks like CONCORD got it before us. There is a pilot from CONCORD inside it. :thinking:


Some pics from a reddit thread:

Reddit thread:

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