I just want to say I’m so excited about the upcoming changes to trig mechanics. The ability to side with the Triglavians is really going to change EVE for the better and create more engaging content. I am looking forward to the new CONCORD resistant Leshaks and Kikimoras, and can’t wait to try them out!

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just fyi, this part of the post is bait

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What do you mean?

Triglavians may be able to fly CONCORD resistant ships but players will never have access to them! Players who choose to support the Trigs will be able to shoot the retaliating (Empire faction) entities and possibly other players supporting Edencom but CONCORD response fleets will remain invulnerable and invincible.

The new ships & weapons that will be arriving Tuesday aren’t on Hoboleaks yet.


No, that doesn’t sound right to me.

Players who support the Triglavians will be supported and rewarded for their loyalty. The CONCORD forces will be beaten back, and the Triglavians will want to recruit top tier PvP specialists to facilitate their efforts to destroy bling mining rattlesnakes. This is a really great opportunity for everyone, and I’m glad that CCP has finally decided to update the EVE lore and tell us the story of how CONCORD was finally defeated once and for all.


Source, please

If Concord left Highsec,
it would just be, like…

:red_circle: If you side with the trigs, I just hope that those people lose docking access to NPC stations.


So if the players could join Triglavians and wreak havoc (and we all know that you’ll be wreaking havoc in high sec, @Aiko_Danuja, not in low sec/null sec), then it is time to let other players join CONCORD and use their ships and assets in full. You want more engaging content? Then face CONCORD forces managed and organised by real people against you and your fellas sided with Triglavians. Not only “I’ll side with invaders, grab CONCORD resistant Leshak and create even bigger brothel in high sec with no risk for me”.


1 I think thats a great idea, and Im sure Her Highness agrees.

2 Be great to see HS organise anything.

3 The only reason thhat ships and assets arent able to be used in full is due to them being in HS, isnt it? Because to use them would be a risk, right? So once that risk is gone, then HS will rise up against the Trigs. Wait, have I got this right?

I need more coffee

“There will be open conflict between EDENCOM forces and the Triglavians across high and low security space, with players inevitably being drawn into engagements with roaming fleets, as well as each other, depending on the side for whom they choose to fight.”


I think you extrapolated a bit much tbh.

Its CCP we are talking about here. If its more than a different type of conduit, Ill be pleasantly surprised.

BUt Im not seeing anything that makes it clear whether or not CONCORD will be militarily any part of TrigCap vs EmpireCap fights.

In fact, if FW is the closest current analogy, Id say probably not

I think it’s all much simpler, PvE part to decide the sec status of the system while concord is still there, if down to low or nullsec, you can shoot those who want to get it back to highsec or who ever you want.


I hope we get like a new Trig equivalent to the Marshal. Or maybe some Trig autogankers, who CONCORD or rather “TRIG” anyone who doesn’t have a mining permit.

TRIGGER them illegal miners a.k.a. illegal miners getting TRIGGERED :wink:



Finally CCP is avoiding the mistake they made with incursions.
Now if only they can fix incursions by letting players side with Sansha.

Ultimately the meshing of PVe and PVP will cure this game.

I agree in principle, but because EVE has existed the current way all these years and didn’t start out like that, it’s only wishful thinking. Any high-sec content that’s “farmed” will not be done if the concept of PvP risk is introduced to it. Players will simply move on to the next highest-paying activity that’s completely safe.

You have more faith in Pearl Abyss than I do. I see the eventual removal of PVP except in designated battle arenas.


Like becoming nullsec farmers.

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Abyssal PvP is a very veiled test of a system of instanced PvE and arena PvP. No one’s making noise about this (and on their own, those two types of content are generally okay-ish), but it’s probably going to escalate from there.

Possibly. I don’t know how that’s like, since I do neither of these two things. But I don’t envision incursion runners moving on to, say, class 5-6 wormhole sites, even though the income is similar.

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