Phase 1 - CONCORD

This is a change, that is intended to not have an actual impact on gameplay but is intended to open a “sticky” door for many changes that have been suggested over the years.

Replace CONCORD with Faction Navies. Same firepower, same response times, same, same, same.

What about XX ddd and FFF???

SAME :slight_smile:

But why? People have come up with really great ideas, like interactions between factions, making pirate factions be like real factions, adding pirate factions to FW. Stuff I forgot over the years.

Because CONCORD is a design limitation It always ends the same way.

A massive battle to protect CONCORD and the real idea is lost.

So Phase 1 takes CONCORD out without changing anything.

Phase 2

<your idea here> (In another thread please)


EDIT: Cool alternative, changes nothing in keeping with the goal.

There is an infamous incident that resulted in Concord being the way it is in the game.


Yeah, that’s definitely a good start…

If you want a bunch more players to quit.

There are many many incidents

ahem ahem

Is BaD iDeA !
No ExPLiCaTiOn ReQuIrEd

-1 !

(So, how is my imitation guys ? :grin: )

More seriously, that’s a small Roleolay change without real consequences, except what kind of impossible to avoid ships will come blow up the gankers in highsec, so either way I’m fine with it.

So if everything is the same… i.e. I’m in Jita and do a bad, the Caldari Navy swoop in (as they replaced CONCORD), and I get exploded… am assuming I’m unable to get friends in logi so I can tank/engage the Navy forces indefinitely (like CONCORD they just BLOB).

So I think I will need to see more detail on Phase 2…

Oh… um… currently I’m not seeing any reason to change :slight_smile:

Hmm, it doesn’t sound like it will have any affect on the high sec players who feel like CONCORD is their umbrella of protection… the Navy (or Fleet, depending on location) will protect you!

It doesn’t sound like a bad idea, but I don’t see CCP making a change in case some good ideas come out in Phase 2? Though I guess it could raise the question as to why it just wasn’t implemented like that in the first place… I’d like to think there’s a reason.


CONCORD is something more than police that punish. It’s about lore.

And if you take out someone who is theoretically neutral you must get rid of current FW to put navy as general police and start again new eden WW about control of space since it will be politic with factions in control over space.

Faction Navy is in High Sec systems to enact revenge upon Capsuleers who aggress Faction NPC’s. You can escape them or tank them.

Concord is in High Sec systems to enact revenge upon Capsuleers who aggress other Capsuleers. You cannot escape them or tank them.


Why would faction navies suddenly become omnipotent and unbeatable, but only to criminals and not to opposition militia in FW.

Also what would this achieve. None of your reasons seem to make any sense. Can you try reframing things on exactly what Concord existing as an entity prevent happening.

Thirdly… Concord spawns should just be replaced with a remote self destruct. So that there is no spawn lag and there isn’t weirdness when they spawn at gates but ignore pirates on grid.


That is exactly the point, thanks for being the only one with reading skills :slight_smile:

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TBH it isn’t clear, until your later posts, which way around you meant:

The reasoning I imagine is still kind of the same though - the faction navies aren’t intended to have that kind of firepower while Concord was especially after the Yulai incident.

The better change would be to give concord actually SENSE giving them ZERO response time in high and the order to PREVENT unsanctioned pvp by simply oneshotting the attacker 1 second after his first shot…

That would be far more reasonable than to simply replace concord by one with another name…

A police,even in real life is(beside the solving of crimes) beside everything that those strange “this is a pvp game” staters say a crime PREVENTER rather than a crime punisher…courts(ccp in this case) are for punishment not the police…

Give concord the job they would have in real life and we have a game with a rising player count at last…

Every anti pvp option is a good option…


This. We currently have two separate patrol forces, that enact two separate types of penalty enforcement on capsuleers. Why re-purpose one feature and eliminate the other?

Well, unless the person in question simply wants to stop dealing with Faction standing consequences.


Don’t put RL into game.

CONCORD has its role that work for more than decade. Why changing something that works and ruin half of gameplay and all new eden lore.

Just want to see plex price hit next roof (maybe 8 mil?) with 99% secure hisec. while everything else cost 0.01 isk with safe miners in hisec.

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Because it’s outdated and players are leaving because of too much pvp everywhere…

Don’t listen to this “eve is a pvp game” staters,they are wrong and all intention they have left is to prevent any changes and keep the status quo as it is regardless if its good for the game or not…

EVE is dark and harsh. It’s meant to be that way. You know rule number one?

Don’t destroy whole economy of game. If you don’t like PvP don’t play game where you even PvP in station (yes, market is also PvP).

Btw. Can I have your stuff? :parrot:

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It’s a PvE game focused on PvP.

Just have to fly smart.

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Changing things,especially in a game with decreasing player number is the only possible option regardless what people say that have to loose something…and denying this is simply madness…

Changing? Yes. Wrecking whole game? No.

Madness is putting “god mode” in hisec. Less dumb idea would be punting concord in null.

EVE is old, to old to meet current gaming market standards. “Let the game play for you”. Don’t dumb down one of few good games left.

If you don’t like how EVE works go play something else.

YOUR “whole game” is NOT “the whole game”

Bottom line

If things have to be changed and some loose their convinience it may be so…