Chaos: CONCORD Strike: One Day Walkout

Due to a Labor dispute (CODE gets paid more :rofl:) CONCORD stages a one day walkout.

  • Yes
  • No

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would be funnier if they went into Null declared everyone a criminal and trashed the place.

We could target CODE on sight.

Their glass cannons would be easy prey.

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Yay. Trash on high sec again. You couldn’t get your pipe dream working in null sec, so go back to high sec for easier targets. :yawning_face:

You know, why not the opposite? Since they hate criminals because they get paid more, CONCORD should push all structures in high sec of groups that harbor and support criminals into final reinforcement timer?

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Piling bad events on top of bad game design doesn’t actually improve anything for anybody.

If you don’t know how to PvP, don’t expect CCP to make it ridiculously easy for you. HTFU, and all that.

You’re probably just trying to have a little fun here, and I think I kinda understand the sentiment. But I had to vote no, cause CONCORD is what makes high sec unique and what it is. The challenge of trying to commit crimes under the pressure of law enforcement. The illusion( or delusion?) of safety, but never truly being safe, is also what makes it fun for those avoiding criminals.

What really needs to happen is high sec needs more attention from the devs. More mischief allowed, while being balanced by more mechanisms to counter the uptick in mischief.

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This would have literaly zero long term effect if you knew it was going to happen.

If no notice is given, it would be hilarious but the caustic soda burns would bleach the forums.

If it was every 31st October, and everyone knew, then dont see how it would hurt any little feeling-weelings.

Wouldnt stop the Devil’s Night salting, but a day where stepping outside is a free for all? Sounds fun to me.

honestly speaking empires should police themselves, concord should take a hike.

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