Purge Day

A single day of the year where, for 24 hours, CONCORD do not get involved at all, no matter what.


Enjoy playing solo in high sec I guess.

You can’t force players who don’t want to engage with PvP to engage with PvP, you can only incentivise them to log out.


No one’s forcing anyone.

It’s one day.

Also, EvE is a PvP game; sure doesn’t the name literally mean “Everyone v Everyone”?

Even though it would be appealing for hunters, it would create more bad than good. Actually I don’t see any good point for the game as such. The highsec people will be angry and quit/logoff, the hunters will just have a bit more targets for one day.

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We so need this. I would purge in my golem!

Social experement to see how many people actually listen to what CCP puts out.

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It is a PVP game for YOU, there are other playstyles other than YOURS.

I dont care about risking a gank or an explosion on my ships on any given day, but to force a CONCORD free day to satisy YOUR playstyle… No

My play style is mostly PVE, I engage in PVP sparsely and my combat log bears that out but in any case, all YOU had to do was say YOU don’t fancy it, or even just have not responded to my post at all.

There was precisely zero need for you to brattishly fill your nappy over it.


Well these forums are full of special people trying to impose X, Y or Z against other people, and it gets tiring to read, i guess you post was the one i just had to respond to

Chill out all he asked was a purge day like the one in the movies :joy:

People can’t read between the lines these days.

So your excuse for being snotty is past experience with others?

I’m sure this behaviour is entirely acceptable in your personal relationships and at your school, workplace or community support centre.


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Might as well name it POS bashing day

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That’s already every day

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Aint no party like a POS bash party because oh wait the timers :frowning:

Only if it coincided with a complete local blackout.

I like this. No chat of any kind. Completely offlined.

Maybe to not freak out all the carebears limit it to Jita and call it something else… I dunno, like Burn Jita or something. :wink:


No. All systems, in fact, all systems plus (just for the day):

  • Increase spawn rate of Thera wormholes.
  • Have all Wormholes appear in the Anomalies list.
  • Drop standings reqs for passage through Pochs.

and just for a laugh

  • 20m bounty on any player with no confirmed kills to make carebears and many alts worthwhile targets (just one bounty then after that they’re gucci, repeatedly doing the bounty all day would be unfair)

We call this little logical fallacy reductio ad absurdum.

" 1. Disproof of a proposition by showing that it leads to absurd or untenable conclusions."

No sir, I don’t think so.

Also, I had hoped the whole “it’s cool to try to shoehorn latin phrases into online conversations” trend would have died off by now, it’s only been, what, 25 years since boomers started getting modems?

the form of argument that attempts to establish a claim by showing that the opposite scenario would lead to absurdity or contradiction.

Literally a textbook case.

My parents, who were boomers, got their first modem a good 35 years ago.

This one’s called “ad hominem” by the way.