Eve Valentines Day

Gankertines day? Am I crazy?

o/ I have been thinking about something that might help the game in general. And, it is February, and Valentines day can be adapted to eve. Gankers, love them or hate them… are a part of the fabric of eve. Perhaps this year, if pilots send an eve mail to an old bestie, or worstie… and the idea catches on, a Gankertines day event will draw in more log ins. More log ins means more people coming back, more people coming back, means healthier game.

I am going to list some of my frienemies that get a mail… oh and friends too.

Brian Gragg: This dude could hire 200 people a weekend, and send them all to null in two weeks. Always been amazed by that.

Straitor: One of my early games biggest rascals…

Shoulda Checked Local: (everybody still there) One of the best hs grief war dec groups of the day… (imo of course) Adriel Malakai, Tysinger, Vimsy Vortis… get back in game! Ya Rascals.

Hazel Starr: final blow, my first lowsec loss

Dasani Waters: First small gang FC I spent time with

Codarr: Still mad at you :slight_smile:
Cain Bloodlust: First hulkaggedon loss

Recon 00: gave me a ls small gang loss

Gavirelle Kade: first final blow.

Corporate Thief: Long time ceo chat resident

Well, thats enough for now. Maybe it will become a threadnaught… maybe it will become yet another forgotten eve footnote.



I don’t think this thread is a bad idea. Also, we should mark February 14th as a day to remember players are people too. I read the text from one player in local wishing a ganker would catch COVID19 for blowing up his ship. What’s wrong with some people? There’s a human behind the avatar. Would you say something like that to someone in real life?

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Tanek Wiunn: originally of Drakefleet. This is the guy… who had the idea to spam up “mining” chat… way back. A couple others piled on and the chat exceeded the limits of chats… I think it was 1k or so. Turns out it was not a CCP chat, but a player one, and the two were force merged… which, eventually led to Mining chat being the bunch of rascals it is today.

Happy Gankertines Day Tanek !!

Valentines Day doesn’t have a great history when it comes to being nice to the local mafia.

For now. They cured Polio.

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