hi all. just wanted to throw an idea out there.

i’ve just loaded up eve after a busy shift at work to see the
“you are not alone” post.

reading the post, it got me thinking, maybe this is a bit far out there given the nature of this video game we play, but i was curious. what would the community think of some kind of
“suicide awareness day Armistice”

my thinking would be to literally disable all weapons for a full 24 hours but i feel thats a bit much.

idk, honestly, I’ve been quite big over the years for being supportive with mental health issues in game among the players i fly with, making people aware of broadcast4reps for example or they can just vent to me about things happening.

part of me feels maybe we can do a bit more, might be too much of an ask from the community, but i thought one day per year, just an Armistice.

in a game where we play immortal clones of ourselves and focus purely on war and profit
maybe once a year, we can just lay down arms, appriciate the universe we fly in a bit more, build our community by encouraging social activities on voice programs and such?

I dunno just putting it out there, it would be nice in my humble opinion.

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I will do it even if no one else does.
This is important stuff. Just tell me when.

the best tool to fight suicide is communicating with one another.

Permaband - Killing is Just a Means - YouTube

not seen this video in a long time

Eh, it’s cute, but I wouldn’t want anything enforced by game rules at all. I can see the drama caused by someone planning a keepstar’s anchor timer in hostile space on this day.

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yeah i did think about this after i logged for the night, my immediate thought was
“turn off anchoring for 24 hours” but again this would probably lead to just more drama
Instead of anything enforceable like turning off guns in game, after a good nights sleep i had an interesting idea for a small feature, where you get to opt in to show support for certain causes, a thought to go along with this is perhaps ships can have a skin which is only available to players on that day, if they opt in.

perhaps CCP could run an awareness fleet where either hundreads of people participate in some kind of NPSI fleet, or maybe broken down into groups of small gang roams. or better yet just do a big brawl, kind of like what we did for chappy chapman.

EVE has always made the headlines of media outlets
“eve online players destroy 100k worth of internet space ships”
“eve online’s project discovery helped researchers do 350 years worth of research for covid”

I don’t know how these things get picked up on and all that stuff, i know nothing about journalism or media as an industry, but as a community, it would just be awesome if we could just some how take some time to raise awareness.

awareness brawls or something where brawling and whelping ships is all for a good cause.

Or you could… welcome to eve.

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