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Maybe we need to institute “The Purge” once a year where all of Concord goes on a 1d vacation or something…haha.


Once a month - randomly.

I’m a massive carebear scrub that forces myself into tama once a month to shoot players not NPCs. And love this idea. One day a year. No cops, no gate guns, no sec status loss. Burn new eden!

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Yay. That old suggestion again. But when CONCORD goes on holiday, all of null sec standing system won’t work either. You will not know if someone is in your alliance or blue or something else. After all, CONCORD is responsible for those things as well. :wink: And whichever alliance tries to use external tools to replace avatars with standing pictures should get instantly dissolved and all members banned. cough Goonswarm history cough

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Including local chat. :smiling_imp:

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For all I care, yes. I won’t be online that day to PVE anyway.

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A carebear would never do that.

And since Concord controls all the system jump gates in New Eden, those would shut down as well.

The ultimate Jita Thunderdome , count me in !

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