Jita in Null

Wouldn’t it be cool if they put Jita in Null sec for a week?

No, it would not be cool. If you want a Jita in null, join Goons and move to 1-DQ.


Wouldn’t it be cool if they increas truesec of EVERY system ( includes Low / Null / WH ) to 1.0 for a week?


What would be hilarious would be for CCP to slap a massive jump drive on Jita 4-4, and give it a percentage chance each downtime to jump to a random highsec system. Make it take all items, market orders and pilots docked there with it, and turn it into a wandering market.

Lore-wise, have the Jove do it as a joke.


Why not just have the jumpgates randomize every downtime to different places in hisec. One day its perimiter, next day its Allamotte.

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Wouldn’t it be cool if all pve activities would be instanced unscannable for the next 10 years? And if concord would oneshot every ganker the second of the first shot and give 1/10 of his isk wallet of all accounts combined to his victim?

I would find that VERY COOL :slight_smile:

so wouldnt it be cool if there is a butler ( ingame ) who played for you so you dont need to do anything anymore and can be chilled …
and as we startet this … how about all minerals in every belt with unlimited amount so youre butler dont need to move your ship(s)

I did not start this threat so don’t blame me :slight_smile:

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dont wanna blame you just wanted to continue xD

maybe the OP see this and realice the stupidity of his idea

Everything is relative,even stupidity :slight_smile:

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