[Proposal] Remove CONCORD jamming ability

CONCORD shouldn’t be able to jamm criminals. Players flagged as criminals should be given a fair fighting chance against CONCORD.

The reason for this would be?

The reason would be a fair fight against CONCORD . I am ok with CONCORD shooting me if I am criminal , but I also want a chance to fight back , not to be instantly perma jammed.
I have mentioned this in the post . Can’t you read ?

That isn’t a reason - that’s a desired result. Why should criminals have a fair fighting chance when they broke the law?

I don’t want to go down shamefully in a dishonorable fight ! If I go down, I want to go down in a blaze of glory !

Being CONCORDed is generally a blaze of glory - much explosions! Such boom!

Seriously: why would this be a good change to make to the game? CONCORD literally only exists to punish criminal acts by blowing up the offending ships; how would you replace that mechanic to retain risk for criminals in high-sec space?

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They will still punish , just that they will have to work for it , not insta perma jamming me dishonorable.

So CONCORD should let a criminal keep shooting their illegal victim until they blow up the criminal?

Yes, they will have to prove themselves by actual combat , not magic , if they want to save a target.

Ah, so you want this to be some kind of RP situation. Sorry, NPCs aren’t here to RP with you over whether you are the most dangerous criminal - they simply enforce game mechanics.

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Concord does not protect. They only punish those who break the rules of aggression. Its designed to be unfair.

Is is enough that they can gun me down by brute force , but at least I want to be able to put up a fight against them before exploding , so that’s why CONCORD jamming ability should be removed .

The jamming is meant to stop the lawbreaking (firing on an illegal target). If CONCORD doesn’t jam, then the criminal keeps firing on their victim or on additional victims, which goes against the purpose of the mechanic.

Ok, so whats the problem with that ? I will keep shooting at my target and eventually CONCORD will destroy my ship , I am not evading CONCORD here, I will go down in the end , but I will go down the right way . I also should have a chance to fight CONCORD in the process too if I want, not being denied that by perma insta jamm.

What is the point of fighting CONCORD though, when you cannot win? Again, they aren’t there for an RP mechanic - you are free to write any story around how you traded shots with CONCORD for hours before they finally landed the shot that destroyed your ship - they are there to create a consistent and reliable response mechanic to punish breaking the law. The security rating of the system already determines how long the criminal gets before CONCORD spawns; if the criminal cannot kill their target before CONCORD arrives, that’s their error, and they die with their mission unfulfilled.

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You are expected to die if you are attacked by Concord.
You’ve broken a rule and are being punished. You’re not entitled to a “fair fighting chance.”


But I get to fulfill my goal . I have enough time to kill my target , I plan this carefully, just that when CONCORD arrives I want to be able to also fight them too for a bit , kill one or two of their ships before I go down , make the adventure last a bit longer , have some fun . Victim goes down, I go down , CONCORD gets some casualties and we have a happy ending , everyone goes home after.

Why do you feel entitled to this?

It’s you again , go back into your dumpster , you don’t have 2 neurons to make logical connections , it happens when you are in TEST and trapped in M2.