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no, :reasons:

would be easier if you elaborate, I really want to know why you don’t like it.

when you complicate things, the potential for abuse arises. I can already see 1 way in which this would backfire, and I’m not a ganker so my brain does not immediately go there.

Also, I think the current mechanic works as intended. ie: if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. CCP has had 14 years to change this mechanic. If they haven’t changed it by now, I don’t think they intend to.

I also think you’re approaching the situation from a realism point of view (in space or anywhere really, if two things run into each other, kaboom! So why not add that to EVE). But then you are trying to restrict that realism arbitrarily by bringing speed into the equation or adding a concord intervention for some arbitrary reason. I would think two spaceships colliding in space at any speed except maybe 5m/s would cause significant damage. So I would reject your constrained realism approach in favour of a full realism approach. I say, bring this mechanic in but both sides take damage at any speed and leave Concord out of it (after all, crashes don’t need space police). Then we could kamikaze each other! Just think of the new content… bringing down a Charon with a Kestrel going 3000m/s, with no concord intervention! Kamikaze fits. New modules like Reinforced Spiked Bulkheads II or Caldari Navy Laser Shield Extender. Honestly, it could be fun, but I won’t hold my breath.

Oh, also sometimes you bump into each other by accident at full speed when PVPing; sometimes it just has to do with the ticks and when you press your keyboard buttons. So this happens to me in battle and I lose half my armour… I’d be pretty choked.

And finally, I could sit at a point 12km off gate in line with another gate. Person lands while on AP, starts towards the gate and runs right into me. wtf concord did you see that?? This f-er just ran into me. So I move closer to the gate. Arrive at 4km and slam on the brakes. Whoa wtf Concord he just did it again, did you see? Boom, Concord shows up and takes care of your freighter, blockade runner, shuttle with implants in storage, whatever you’re flying, and I get a free payday. Or, your freighter gets suspect timer and anyone gets their way with you. My buddies on the other side of the gate are waiting for you to jump through.

I just don’t think it would work.

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