Can we look at the Concord now?

With the release of the new destroyer and battlecruiser of the triglavlan collection ships.
Can CCP look into the Concord ships now?
They’re weaker compared to any other ship in there class.
For how many hours you need put into getting these ships, once you get them it’s like why use them.
There DPS lower than all the other ships comparable counterparts.
An hell the new triglavlan collection ships is so OP in DPS it’s not funny and you don’t need to do much to get them.
Why not make these ships unique in DPS tank and special abilities?
Not how they are now weak in DPS, tank is average to poor and these special abilities they have are average as they are now.

CCPlease have a look into these unique great looking ships ability to fight, instead of be good at station spinning like they are now with the Pacifier, Enforcer and Marshal.

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I was excited and thought we were proposing to stop spawning hordes of Concord and just have them use a remote override to self destruct our ships in a gank instead.

Not that I’d complain about Concord ships getting buffed. But really till they are available in the OP store it’s pretty irrelevant.

I want the four factions to have NPCs who replace Concord. Those NPCs only protect those that have good standing with that faction.

The sec status # of the system is decided by faction warfare control.

Since the Calamari suck so bad at factions Jita would be like a .3 system :crazy_face:

Anyway even though OP has the wrong Concord topic I give him +1 :slight_smile:

Faction police already exist. Concord is about inter capsuleer interactions. Faction police are about your standings to the empire. They are two different functions.

Changing sec status just can never be done because it would instantly be so badly gamed.


What I’m referring to are the ships that you can fly called Pacifier, Enforcer and Marshal.
I’m not referring to Concord DPS when it comes to gankers.
I’m referring to the ships you can fly.

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CONCORD ships given away to capsuleers were designed to be of lower efficiency, as they were first given away by IRL events, such as the Black Ops Marshal with EVE Vegas 2017. Since the only way to get CONCORD ships blueprints copies is by the Project Discovery, they are far too rare to get revised.

The ships are status symbols more than anything else. If you want function, sell your CONCORD hull (5.8 billion for a Marshal in Jita) and buy something useful.


So you saying there rubbish ships and there’s no point in having them ships at all?

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It will kinda nice to see Concord Ships that you can fly be unique in DPS as the are in tank.

Like bring in the bonus to damage to the level of security, 0.0 is where they are now and 5.0 is like 50% more dps like the reps are now.

It will really set them apart from all other ships out there and maybe just maybe people might fly them more and CCP might be able to do more with Project Discovery for get more Concord ships out on the market, especially the Marshal since it like 6bill with the new Trig ships are cheaper and more powerful in every way.

I just want these Concord Ships that we can fly great to fly for PVP OR PVE fights instead of station spinning since there WEAK for how many hours you need to do just to get them.


I wanna make mah super concord covert ops frigate to do moarrrh damage than a capital ship
I wanna make my recon ship do moarrh damage than a titan

I wanna make mah black ops so op other will do self-destruct and biomass when looking at it.

How about no.

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