Concord ships idea change

I have an idea that might make the Concord ships more fun towards solo game play plus make it look cool.

Right now the Pacific has only 4H and 3 Hardpoints to put weapons on.

The Enforcer right now have 6H and 4 Hardpoints for weapons.

Plus the Marshal right now has 8H and 6 Hardpoints for weapons.

Yes you can mix weapons with turrets and missiles to get more guns on them.

But my idea is increase the High slot on all ships by 1 and give the Pacific 5 Highslot and 4 Hardpoints instead of 3 to get the full rack of the same weapons on it with the 5 High for that cloak.

The Enforcer increase the High slot by 1 to give it 7H and give 6 weapons Hardpoint of the same type. So 6 guns or missile with a clock.

Lastly the Marshal increase the Hard slot by 1 and give the weapons Hardpoints from 6 to 8 of the same turrets or missile type.

So this way you don’t need drones to make it more solo and it makes it more than likely the highest Dps in it’s class without drones.

This way the Project Discovery long grind that you need to do to get these ships will be worth flying after my idea.
Right now how they stand they are the lowest dps in all classes.
So why not reward players doing the project Discovery grind with a half decent Dps ships.

Look forward to seeing your comments to my idea.

Kind Regards

Something like this I’m hoping with all gun slot used.

I like that idea.

But still keep the power grid and cpu the same with no chages, but yes give them a full rack of the same weapons.

So 4 weapons for the frig you saying
6 weapons for the cruiser you saying
And 8 weapons for the battleship you saying.

With all putting on a cloak on that spear high slot that’s left over on each ship.

I love this idea.

Why would you want a slot specifically for a cloak? All a cloak does is drastically increase your targeting time…

Since they have a cloak bonus on them ships it looks like.
I guess that’s the reason why I’m saying a cloak on that extra high slot that Jonny guy saying.

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The bonus is only for the targeting delay after de-cloaking. Simply having a cloak installed still reduces your scan resolution (targeting speed) by at least 40%, depending on which cloak you have installed…

I grant you that with the Marshal, but the Pacifier and the Enforcer get the covert cloak fitted to them.

Just saying QuakeGod

Yeah I just noticed that

But you can put whatever you fancy on the extra high slot. If you don’t want a cloak.

But do you guys like my idea?

I do, it seems like a nice way to make the boring P.D. worth grinding through to get them nice looking gunboats.

I still wouldn’t mind a wee bit of a drone bay.

I took my Enforcer out ratting for a while to test out the Sec Status bonus. And the most annoying part was having to use a High slot for a Salvager so I could clean up wrecks. Being able to carry even a few Salvage Drones would have made it a lot easier. Maybe give the Frig 1x Light, the Cruiser 3x Lights, and the BS 5x Lights? Then you can’t even argue that the drones are offsetting the DPS of the ship.

I like that idea also with the drones 1, 3 and 5.

I like my idea better so no one can say it conflicts with the sister of Eve ships.

With no drones at all, they can be a full gunboat without people crying it’s too close to the Astero, Stratios or the Nestor.

I like your idea too. Having all those mount points is ridiculous if you can’t use them all at once.

But I also think a few drones would help with the Sec Status application of the ship. And a severely limited drone bay is not going to conflict with anything, especially the SOE ships.


  • Astero = 25 Mb / 75m3 (that’s flying a full wing of Lights, with room for 3x wings)
  • Pacifier = 5 Mb / 5m3 (a single Light)


  • Stratios = 100 Mb / 400 m3 (that’s up to 4 Heavies in a Cruiser, with room for 16 Heavies if you didn’t want a well rounded, Swiss Army drone loadout)
  • Enforcer = 15 Mb / 15 m3 (3 Lights)


  • Nestor = 125 Mb / 500 m3 (wow, they really do shit on the Black Ops don’t they? It’s barely more than the Stratios.)
  • Marshal = 25 Mb / 25 m3 (5 Lights)

Well I hope CCP gets to read this and do something to these gorgeous looking ships to make him more appealing to do that long grind through the project Discovery.
As it stands any of those classes get a normal T2 from the market in their class and it’s easily half the price with more DPS you get out of them.
So why not make these Concord ships worth grinding and give them that DPS or something that there lacking, to make them awesome and worth flying in a group or more importantly solo.

I see the flaw in your idea:

  • The Pacifier is a covert ops frigate, all you do is probe and cloak

  • The Enforcer is a force recon. You fly around cloaked and light cynos for your buddies. Did anyone see someone ratting in a Falcon recently??

  • The Marshal is a black ops battleship. No black ops battleships is used for solo play. The cloak makes you align very fast.

Both the Enforcer and the Marshal buy the better or worse tank at the cost of firepower.

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That’s a poor example.
The falcon doesn’t need to rat to get a better tank or Jam power when it kills people in low sec.
The falcon doesn’t have a bonus to sec status for killing non-capsuleer pirates.

The Enforcer is not just to light a cyno, it has all guns and missile bonus on it, if its just a light a cyno and tackle why have all these weapons bonus for?

The Marshal always comes through a cyno yes I grant you that, but a solo black ops battleship does come in on a cyno by itself to get the kill.
Like all black ops ships have done in the pass if no extra numbers needed.

So if we take your example towards SOE ships you could just say the Astero is a scan ship only and the Stratios is a data site runner and that’s all and the Nestor is a over size rep ship only that you should know that they are not just that.

You can’t paint everything on the same brush, you need to sometimes look outside the square.

like this with all the same guns all 6 of them

images%20(7) plus this this I’m hoping with all gun slot used of all 6 of them then the 7 slot will be a cloak.
So people can hunt with this with good dps behind it.
Or if need be the 2 cyno on it with vamps or neuts for the black ops hunters.