Faction Specifically for Concord ships

My idea is for the concord ships only, you can’t buy the drones on the market or contract.
The only way you can get it on them on them ships is you click on the drone bay like the fitting window and add them with either Concord LP or Isk.

You can not abandon drones, they will blow up. Plus when your ships pops same does with the drones.

The drones will be like the geckos but the frig will have only 5 light, Enforcer has only 5 medium drones and the Marshal will have 5 heavy only.

You can not change the drones to light’s in the Enforcer or marshal only the set drones will fit.

Now the drones can only be put on the ships if your in station or citadel.

They do damage to all damage types like geckos but less than the damage to there T2 brother like 50% less from the T2 normal drones.

It will make for some interesting PVP or PVE fun.

It’s an idea, so what do you guys think?

So wait, lemme get this straight…

  • This only applies when you’re flying the Concord line of ships. (Which will gain a magical drone bay)

  • You reload your drone bay by spending Concord LP. (Which AFAIK only comes from running Incursions )

  • These drones do all damage types, but not quite as much damage as a T2 drone would. (But would be dealing damage of every flavor)

  • These drones cannot be abandoned in space, or else they self destruct. (This would be to prevent someone from shitting out a ton of drone babies and selling them for people to use on other ships.)

So a few things…

  • Yes, I agree that the Concord ships would benefit from adding a drone bay. Though I think I would just give them a standard bay and standard drones. Or add a Rig that allows you to add a drone bay onto any ship. That way you never know if the ship has drone support or not.

  • Rather than spending LP straight into your drone bay, just get a Concord LP store and list these drones in there. And have them limited so they cannot be used on non-Concord ships. Either prevent them from being added to the drone bay, or prevent them from launching.

  • Omni damage types would be very overpowered. There’s a reason every weapon in the game only does a few flavors at once. If you sneak damage in through every window at once, it negates the point of tanking and adjusting your ship’s stats. If these did Omni damage, it would have to be a sliver of each, which would be useless in the end.

  • Abandoning wouldn’t be a problem if the drones came from the store in the first place. Other people could list them for sale, but only Concord ships can use them.

Well it’s an idea, the LP store can be use like this to get faction base drones , like the Concord drones or Blood raiders or Angel Cartel and so on.

You can have just the normal drones and then Use the LP for that race and get upgraded drones.


Blood Raiders drones for an example might have a small Draining/ DPS
Sansha might have AB bonus to the dones to make it harder to hit.

There’s 2 other example of LP that can be used for the faction that you using.

But to make it not OP you can only put them drones on that race of ships ONLY not like Blood raider drones on like a Pilgrim or a curse, but only the race faction of the ship.

Something like that.

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