Concord Enforcer DPS?

How great the ship looks and the bonus towards them are good, but the DPS are low for the price of the ships.

Your looking at 273 for Prjectile
Missiles 276
Laser 285
Hybrids 349
if you armor tank of course.

What I’m hoping that CCP might look into is drones for these ships.
Make it worth the price you pay for them.

For the Enforcer either make the DPS for each Turrets and Bays sightly more to what it is now or give us drones for the Recon ship Enforcer to bring the DPS up.
5 lights drones will add 100 DPS more that will be a great help or 5 Medium drones tect 2 gives is 158 DPS more that will go a long way making them more used ships in the game.

Just the DPS is to low for what you get out of the ship right now.

CCP can you look into it?

Plus what do you guys in eve think of this idea ?

Great or Shooting it down?

Price is never a factor in balance. It never will be, and never should be.


Then lets forget about the price of it for this topic then and look at the DPS , do you believe it should have a drone bay in it?

Considering it’s a Force Recon hull, and not a Combat Recon hull, you need to take into account it’s utility purpose. It has 6 high slots, 2 of those are taken up by cov cyno and cov cloak. Your numbers also leave things to be desired.

The fact they arent used more likely stems from the fact that they’re a limited edition ship for now, a collectible. The kind of ship you only take out and fly around when you honestly dont give a ■■■■ about losing it.

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Lol shooting it down looks like lol.

Well it’s a great looking ship and it has great promise if they look at increasing the dps just a little.

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Again, why? Why does it need an increase in damage? Because it’s “low” compared to other cruisers? Stop comparing it to ships meant for damage then. You’re far better off actually comparing it to ships that are in the same role it is- Force Recons.

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to be fair Id like it to have at least 3-5 light drones but or slightly higher speed as it is its meh at everything

Thank you that’s my thought’s also Hunter Anubis

As was said, it’s a utility hull, not a stratios.

And shot me down again lol

Its not hard when you consistently fail to understand the ship’s role in fights/combat.

And a Stratios isn’t a combat ship its a Relic and Data Site ship, but everyone uses it for combat.

Hell a Recon ship like the Pilgrim that has the same bonus for cyno can take on and kill most HAC’s and lower plus sometime a battleship if flown correctly.

So why not a small drone bay on the Enforcer?

You can get them through project discovery I heard, so anyone can get it.

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If the boot fits…
My point is the stratios fills the exact role that you’re looking for. You want a cloaky cruiser that can do good damage. That’s a stratios, or a T3C. There’s no reason to take what is literally a force recon, and give it inordinate amounts of damage along with an inordinate active tank.

Very true, but you’ll notice that the pilgrim’s DPS is utter ■■■■. All of the force recons have terrible dps. Because they have insanely powerful utility. You can’t have insanely good utility and good DPS. It’s simply too much.

Likewise, when the price isn’t insanely high you’ll see a lot of people using these for their utility. They aren’t intended to be solo boats. You bring one of these to scram+web and now you don’t have to bring an Arazu AND a Rapier. Now the pilot that was flying that can now fly a different ship - maybe a bomber, maybe a blops battleship. Maybe a falcon. Either way, the dual-role utility of the enforcer will be hard to ignore.

Because it’s not their niche. They don’t need drones to do their job. Why do you feel they do need a drone bay?

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The Enforcer is just a better looking Arazu with a very good local tank without the dampener bonus.

One thing I might need an answer for is why is the resistance of a Tech 2 ship like the Enforcer are low?

Example the Gnosis line of ships are very very close to the same resistance and they aren’t tech 2 ships.

Apart from the rep bonus that makes it a average to ok ship, but your lucky to take out a tech 1 cruiser like a vexor that fitted half decent.

Is there going to be any thoughts of making it closer to t2 resistance in the future?
As a Limited Edition ship line of the Pacifier , Enforcer and the Marshal?

Well that makes sense a t2 ship should have a t2 resist profile.

this is an awful thing to balance ships around also i would like to remind you that these ships are blops capable and are bonused to E-war its not just DPS

Because it’s a force Recon and no force Recon has full t2 resist.

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Since with the New Triglavian collective ships coming to the game and with the bonus to damage up to 50% more for longer you shoot the target in your optimal rage.

I find myself asking why bring in the Concord Ships with low DPS and tank, if you guys are bring out something that going to be SO MUCH MORE IN DPS and TANK?

My solution and there two easy ones.

(1) Pacifier you have a slot lay out of 4L 4M 4H with turret hardpoints of 3 and Launcher hardpoints of 3

Make it 5H 4M 4L and change the turret and launcher hardpoints to 4 to each and with this you still able to put a cloak on it since the bonus to it.

So you can use all the hardpoints that the NPC concord ships have already.

The same can be done with the Enforcer , it has at the moment 6H 5M 5L with only 4 of each launcher and turret hardpoint.

Why not make the slot lay out to 7H 5M 5L and change the turret and launcher to 6 of each so you can use a cloak still and use all the hard points that the concord ships already do.

And last the Marshal it has 7L 7M and 8H with 6 of each turret and launcher hardpoint.
You don’t need to change the slot layout for this ship but change the turret and launcher from 6 to 7 of each to make it up closer to the same as a concord ships already does.

With this idea , I don’t know, to maybe take on or compete with this new ship line that’s coming out soon.

Now with this idea you don’t need drones to make this ship line to be more popular to fly in that Triglavian collective space and others.

(2) The other option is give them a drone bay:

Pacifier gets 25 bandwidth with only 25 Drone Capacity only.

The Enforcer will get 50 bandwidth with only 50 drone capacity only.

The Marshal will get 125 bandwidth with only 125 drone capacity only.

So this option won’t step on the Sister of Eve ship line to hard with the current hard points and stats as they are now.

What do you think?

No. You STILL fail to understand the point the ships are playing. A force recon ship will nearly ALWAYS HAVE 2 MORE HIGH SLOTS THAN HARDPOINTS. Why? Because you fit a cloak (duh), and because you fit a covert cyno.

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