NEw edecon ships help?

I’ve tried several times .I think the new weapons and ships need a big boost.
their dps is ridiculous and so is their alpha.
they’re evil inflicted damage right…

I don’t see myself winning a 1V1 …
or even rating with…

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As somebody that does not log into test… Care to share more details?

Because what you just said… whatever.


These ships have weapons that hit multiple targets, in exchange for having lower single target damage. They’re probably great for small fleets of 20-30 when fighting larger fleets of 50-70 who are all anchored on someone.

400+ DPS hitting 5 targets would mean over 2000 dps, way more than what the rattle could output. The only downside is that it hits large collidables, probably intentional on CCPs part so that we don’t get even more OP ratting ships


Or any valid target that can be shot at :)… heuheueheu… HAWHAWHAWHAW… ahem. As I was saying… any valid target in the mission.


I’ll be interesting to see how they play out. As of right now, they do seem very weak unless you are fielding a very large fleet of them.

  • The additional targets are pure random, so your damage is going to be far too spread out
  • The bounce will hit drones, so unnecessary drones can be set to passive and soak up hits.
  • If the enemy fleet gets within 10km you will start damaging your own fleet.

Ratting they are garbage. The bounce will hit space objects and the damage is far to weak to take down battleships in a timely manner.

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CCP is giving us a new tool. It’s up to us to figure out how to use it. This weapon will likely work well against fleets anchored on a single ship where the ability to chain multiple targets should be quite effective. We’ll have to wait and see. The fact that they are not useful in a 1v1 engagement is irrelevant - there are already lots of ships well suited to that role, we don’t need more.


I have tested These ships on SISI too and I can confirm that they are not useful as of current states.
I have already posted on reddit and in the feedback thread already


I just read indeed their ships in itself is good but lacks a lot

I tried to do ratting … how to say the fact that its affects all structures or wrecks … its complicates ratting …

the dps is really too low for a BS

I even have the impression that if a frigate hits you … even if you hit the web or something … the shots are so random … that it won’t change anything .

Where are the famous heavy bombs announced …

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RIP to the bubblers or small tackle that fly with these fleets.

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Please CCP, make them super useful in PvE, everybody shall want to use one in their level 4 mission. Every valid target, every valid target, …


Winning a 1v1 using a ship specifically designed for AoE damage?

If you can win a 1v1 with an aoe damage ship then it is clearly overpowered.


“Capable of striking multiple targets in rapid succession, the Arcing Vorton Projector has the potential to severely disrupt enemy fleet cohesion.”

The weapon is specifically designed as an anti-fleet weapon. Whatever people think it should be is a personal request and not in line with the documented facts.



Still a case of the poor dps and tracking makes the battleships vorton weapon close to worthless as a weapon system, the citadel version only hits capitals?

If every ship in a 100 pilot blob launches drones that’s 100 pilots 500 drones, the tracking on the battleship is so bad the drones will take almost no damage (as should be the case for BS v drone) but this then means the drones will prevent almost all of the arches from hitting the 100 pilot blob, 1/6 chance of an arch hitting a meaningful target nerfs the vorton weapons in long range fights were drones would be idle (could just use logi drones as well to mitigate the damage even further) and in a brawl it is as likely to hit your own fleet as theirs.

The question is what would these be used for? If not PVE, PVP brawling, PVP long range, even the idea of splitting damage to cause people to broadcast and confuse the logi can be done with current weapons more effectively, aka splitting guns, smart bombs, bombers, auto-targeting missiles, were is its niche?


I trust that Eve players will use the ships and weapons in ways that CCP never envisioned. Or not use them at all because there is something ‘better’.


today I find it hard to imagine its place with us in effect … are traking is so bad …
are dps … imagined that the players also drop mtu ect …and drones … 0 dgts…

it comes out a cool thing but in the end it immediately disrupts it …

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Frankenstein was the doctor…

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If its electrical in nature I imagine it would be attracted to things of a larger signature?

How many maximum targets can it zap at once?


So, worst case a few frigates screen drones away for battleships to engage?

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