Is the new "Zappy" Weapon really a new concept?

Here is a trailer from 2008. have a look at 1min 30 sec


More like the Blobby weapon

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Now what happened to that Amarr weapon system, don’t recall seeing it in game.

What a horrible choice of music. :roll_eyes:

It’s a load of piss weak crap i know that much, i’ll never train up to use it.

The dev that came up with it needs to lay of the mushrooms. As they must of been tripping balls to think the whole arc bollocks is any good.

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Considering mid slot layout and weapon… this will become the new PVE ship of choice.

I can’t see it not with all the extra support skills (4) that need training to get half descent application.

And the anemic total DPS, and the inability to clear anything off the grid in particular fairly fast and a few more issues.


That was an ancient Terran Super Weapon of which only 1 existed, it was thrown into a star and then this happened…

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Yeah destroyer levels of dps on a battleship is a joke.

The whole nonsense of the arc being used to overwhelm logi is just silly as well. We already have point defense on structures, Smartbombs, FOF missiles, bombs and idiotic fleet members not shooting primary for that already. To completely gimp a new weapon system to full fill a role that already exist is a joke.

I really really hope what’s on Sisi doesn’t make it to tranquility and it’s just CCP test version.


I mean, with 8 of them, like you can currently fit to a battleship with 8 turret slots, it’s somewhat overpowered. It’s just extremely underwhelming as a single turret with these stats.

pyfa all V skills. 450dps on BS. * 5 targets = 2250.

it’s a new ratting ship for null. a delve ship!

Though, the application is such crap that you lose like 50% of it via sig/speed tank on normal rats below battleship, and the fact that in null, it’ll jump to your own drones fairly often if you try to remove the tackle frigates.

Even in a rock haven the rats spread all over the place you’ll be lucky to get half that dps.


we will see :slight_smile:

â– â– â– â–  you all. I like it.

I conceptually like it. I just wish it was good.


The weapon in the video is Jamyl Sarum’s terran super weapon, which IMHO inspired the citadel doomstay, which this ships seem to have a miniaturized version of. So yes they are probably related

Where are the new weapons for sub-capital ships to attack super-capital ships ?