I think it’s weak, slow, and will die to a couple of frigates unless it has a lot of support and screeners.

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yeah probably.

Is that … a photo of a TV with black tape on it, masking out the ■■■■■■■?

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No. Its a screenshot from DBZ abridged by team 4 star. The ■■■■ has been censored to i guess make it better for the forums. Its Mr PoPo and he is declaring "IM SO ■■■■■■■ HIGH RIGHT NOW!

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Allmighty Mr. Popo …
He’s one of the best characters ever. :smiley:

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Man, I wished I could fly lvl4s …
I’ve been an avid user for years.

on to the real BEEF.
How would you guys fit an artillery Hurricane or sleipnir?

Auto for both Imo.

Use temp for Arty, and probably just fit it with polor since its gona be pure damage anyways. its also better to use multiple of them, which means its really best in fleet fights.

Forsaken empire use to use them and use this old pvp tactic that is not outdated (due to the release of probe-warpins). They were insanely good with them.

In theory, this tactic could still be used. if you could figure it out then you’d be able to make tempest useful again.

Tbh, ccp needs to buff mim ships more.

He sounds like Dryson …
… and that makes me feel bad for Dryson.

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True Minmatar technology right there.

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