CCPlease give us 2.5% for the fleet tempest!

While I was playing around with tempest fittings and funny ways to fly and fit them, I thought I might as well fit the fleet tempest too.

Now I can see why people are saying that this ship is bad, very bad!

My suggestion would be to take the bonus from the regular tempest and increase the rate of fire bonus from 5 to 7.5% per level or

increase the damage bonus from 5 to 7.5% per level, which would make the fleet tempest still a tad differ from the tech 1 one.

Those 2.5% per level will not break EVE (more) or does anyone object?

Actually, I’d love if you could enlighten me : why do you, and why does the community consider the Tempest Fleet Issue as a bad ship ? I know she’s outclassed by the Typhoon Fleet Issue, but I’d still like to know :slight_smile:

According to this:

The tempest fleet issue is supposed to be an improvement but currently even if you fit 2x rapid jesus launchers the fleet tempest does less damage with more guns than the regular one.

I guess, that more firepower is not the only possibile improvement.

Probably not and if you have ideas, I am all ears!

Are you going to just ignore the 40% increase in base EHP, the better targetting range and smaller sig, plus the better max velocity and sensor strength? Not to mention the extra lowslot + 1500 PG and +30 CPU.
If DPS is the only thing that matters, you should look into gallente ships since blasters have the highest dps


These are standard buffs to navy ships over basic ones if you wanted to make a point i am afaraid you came up short.

Navy Armageddon have extra low and high slot as well
Navy Apocalypse have an extra low slot and same bonuses as t1
Navy mega have extra low slot and high and same bonuses as t1
Navy raven continue this path
…Point being Navy Tempest got shafted by CCP when they buffed t1 version promising they will do the same to Navy and typically for them never revisited the issue.

Basic tempest already out dps machariel gun for gun i dont think giving Navy issue even more is the way to go.

Would like to see first projectile drone boat in game all other drone combinations with weapon types are already in game.

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The typhoon comes to mind but its not a projectile boat.

I really thought all matar pilots would appreciate that I am advocating for a ship that has gotten the short straw.


N raven has same DPS as the non-navy, but muh better application and no utility high (which sucks)

Slot allocation could be better that’s true it still have extra slot more drones and bandwidth and more alpha per salvo meaning it will break thru burst tanks espec with torps
Having range and application isnt worst that could happen to it just take a look at navy tempest dual damage bonus for guns and its reward for that feat is lowest damage among minmatar battleship line.

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I’d rather see the tempest FI follow in the footsteps of the hurricane fleet issue, stabber FI and firetail. Continue with the same 6 gun theme, but change its bonuses to tracking and RoF. For example:

10% bonus to large projectile rate of fire per level
10% bonus to large projectile tracking per level

While it would continue to do less damage than a t1 pest, it would track insanely better. You could potentially work around that with either a 7th gun or larger drone bay. But 10% RoF would give it a healthy dps figure while not making its alpha rediculous.

Its also faster than a t1 pest, more fitting, more EHP. This gives it a niche thats not already occupied by other projectile ships. The vargur is the only projectile battleship with a tracking bonus and it would be nice not having to spend 2b just to get a tracking bonused battleship.


Oh I like the sound of that!

All I want was to give the fleet tempest at least the same value percentage that the regular tempest has to make make it too strong.
That’s why my initial proposal had the 7.5% per level bonus like the regular tempest does.

I have no objections. Tracking is always good and looking at this triglavian HAC, titanium sabot with an additional tracking bonus may be the answer to that one.


Would make it a surprisingly good arty platform. Great tank, good tracking and healthy RoF.

This is a well thought out point of view, I didnt even notice that myself.


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