Ship balance, tech one logistic

Looking at the tech one logi frigates and cruisers, I saw some peculiar issues that I want to talk about.

As most of the time, I would like you to consider everything that I forgot and see if it would break EVE if the changes I am about to propose.

  • The Bantam should have 1mw more powergrid, which would increase the total powergrid from 39 to 40 powergrid

  • The scythe should have 65mw more powergrid, which would increase the total powergrid from 400mw to 465mw.
    The cpu output of the scythe is still terrible though.

For the last week, I couldn’t find anything that would break EVE or would lead to the destruction of all motherships and titans, even if those two ships would get those slight increases in powergrid.

If you want changes you don´t just have to throw out numbers but also provide your reasoning as to why this should change and possibly also what this change would achieve.

Personally i cannot speak for the Bantam but i am versed enough in the Scythe to say that this PG increase is possibly way too much and could make the Scythe op in relation to the Osprey.

Ah okay. Can you elaborate on the scythe a little bit? I am currently training matar frigate to 5 on SiSi to play with burst fits, cruiser level 5 will take another 19 days.

I can and the Bantam has less powergrid than the burst and the burst is a matar boat. With one 1mw more powrgrid both will have the same amount.

Anyone else have an idea why the scythe is only allowed to have 2 fits?

What fit are you trying to make that isnt achievable without a pg implant?


Something like this would be possible then. Granted only with good to very good skills but it would still posess a danger to the rep power an Osprey provides.

Looking at a fit like this vs a standard Osprey fit with 1 cap transfer and 4 medium reps one of the main advantages of the Osprey (more rep power per pilot) is gone. This comes with better mobility and the downsides are just a little bit of tank compared to the current Scythe fits and a bit more situational awareness regarding your cap.

Add on top that you now only have two modules you have to care about which reduces the chances of an error ever so slightly and you can have an empty buffer slot for your heat so the reps don´t burn themself and neighbouring modules as quickly as when you use a full rack of reps.

I was working on a fit that can fit 3x tech 2 medium reps and a high-speed one that can fit the prop mod.

You can do that with an Osprey already. I thought the idea was that the tech one cruisers are balanced around the small and medium remote reps.

You should take a serious look at the logi values I posted earlier this year. 122hp/s is less than the 3x tech 3 medium remote rep of a scythe.

Let’s take a looksky:

scythe 1 = 182,8125 + 64.8 = 247,6125 shield (hp per second) is the maximum of what the scythe can rep with 3x medium meta reps, including tech 2 logi drones.

scythe 2 = 207,1875 + 64.8 = 271,9875 shield (hp per second) is the maximum of what the scythe can rep with 3x tech 2 medium remote reps + tech 2 logi drones.

Then fit T2 medium reps? Where is the problem? You don´t need 65 more pg for this. 65 more pg is needed if you intend to change the way a ship is fitted entirely but only fitting t2 reps is no reason for an increase that harsh.

EDIT: btw i think you missed that a single large rep reps 122hp/s but there are two fitted on the fit i posted earlier.

That fit of yours is not what I had in mind.

Then show what you have in mind.

No, I will not.

However even the Exequror is more versatile that the scythe and I hoped that aspiring logi pilots would appreciate more freedom.

Ahhh so this is a “I want this changed to X but i won´t tell you why. I do not want a proper discussion about it, i just want what i want”-thread. Next time please state this upfront so i do not waste my time, TIA.

And no, there will be no rep-scythe with XLASB.

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Why people fit battleship shield boosters on a small cruiser still escapes me by a margin and I already said the prop mod won’t fit.

yet you can fit a solid tank and a 10mn AB on it. the ship has plenty of PG

Yes but the Bantam is the only ship in the entire game that has to fit the compact afterburner, all the other ones can fit the enduring one.

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