Is the Enforcer bad? I think so. This is my idea

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So. The Enforcer.

You open up the ship info and you see this.

Now that looks pretty good especially that last part on the tank so I got one and tried fitting it and discovered some problems.

So what where these problems?
1- Low dps. But then you say “but it’s a recon”.
2- Low tank. But again you say "it’s a recon"
3- It’s slow. Ok that’s not a recon trait but it still sucks.

So you may ask what is my problem with the ship? It seems pretty normal for a recon apart from being a tad slow.
Well what does it do well? Nothing! Other recons eg my Pilgrim does 200dps 30 less than I could get out of the Enforcer and has almost the same tank as the Enforcer.
But my Pilgrim. It will make sure you have no capacitor at all. where as the enforcer just sits there doing ■■■■ dps and has the tank of a wet paper bag.
My dual asb Rook has a higher burst tank than the Enforcer and does more dps with Rapid light’s plus the fact that the ecm means the target likely wont even be shooting back.

Now it does have a semi good tackle bonus’s so it can point out to 36km with a faction long point and web to 22km with faction web plus 13km with faction scram (all cold numbers) so that is all good but lets just put that to the side and call it a bonus for it being a rarer faction recon.

What I would propose is a change to the ship’s stats.

Option 1. Increase dps & speed.
This option would increase the speed of the ship from 1200m/s with dead space mwd to around 1600-1800m/s and would increase the dps to be on par with other H.A.C’s thus making it a bit of a glass cannon for kiting or in your face gank and run.

Option 2. Increase dps & tank.
This option would pretty much put it’s dps and tank on par with H.A.C’s though it would still be slow compared to H.A.C’s it would make it good in a brawl giving it a unique role as a recon as no other recons can really do that though it’s slow speed would still be an obvious factor.

So. What do you guys think about the ship?
Let me know about what you would change or what you think of my idea.

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(michaeltward) #3

There we go.

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(Cristl) #5

I’m not even sure what an enforcer is. If it’s one of the new police ships then it’s way too early to adjust its stats.

(michaeltward) #6

It is one of the Concord ships yes.
And to early to adjust. I don’t think so as at the end of the day now or 3 months from now it’s still gonna suck.

(Cristl) #7

Zkill reports that only 22 have been lost, and that’s not a good sample size.

Also, we’ve yet to hear the official scoop on whether people who attended a fan festival with lots of alpha accounts got loads free.

If that is the case, then it should be nerfed to ‘interesting novelty but crap’ status imo.

(michaeltward) #8

So few have been lost because it’s a 1b hull that sucks.

I have one and have tried many ways of fitting it. There could have been 0 lost and it still wouldn’t change the fact that it sucks.

The ship sucking or not does not show that well in losses as 1- A lot of them are fit like potato’s 2- again 1b hull at the moment so never will be a massive amount.

Even when they go into the loot available in project discovery they will never drop below the cost of standard recons when in reality I wouldn’t rate the ship as worth half of the other recons.

(Cristl) #9

Maybe, but it’s too early to tell. Especially if that alpha account loophole isn’t sorted out.

What about my Muninn? That’s sucked for ever.

(michaeltward) #10

Yea…I wish the Munin was better I have HAC 5 and those tracking and range bonuses are sexy.

And alpha loophole? You referring to ghost training or something with the Enforcer in particular?

(Cristl) #11

People with 800 alpha accounts for ghost training farming were given fanfest ships on all those accounts. So the cheesy isk fountain got a double cheesy topping :hamburger:

That’s a very old link for me bemoaning the state of the Muninn in 2008, so good luck with your request

(Lienhart Cousland) #12

It looks like a decent bait ship to me.

(michaeltward) #13


It has the tank of a wet paper bag and the hull alone cost’s 1b.

I do not call that good bait.

(Miulan Ng) #14

A thread in the old forum noted the shield/armor rep bonus wasn’t working- did anyone notice this as well?

(michaeltward) #15


Might run the numbers and see.

(Miulan Ng) #16

Turns out the bug is just in the fitting window not showing the bonus. Once undocked, it shows up.

(Cade Windstalker) #17

If you haven’t read the thread for these ships being introduced I recommend giving it a read.

CCP specifically said they wanted these ships to be interesting, not something really powerful that anyone felt they had to have to be competitive.

(michaeltward) #18

That would mean it being op. What is at the moment is under powered. That is a long way off what you are talking about.

(Cade Windstalker) #19

It’s not actually. The concern isn’t these being OP, the concern is them filling a niche and becoming dominant in that niche while being limited availability, limited edition, ships. That doesn’t have to mean that they’re OP in general, it just has to mean that they’re doing something well enough that people feel that they need to use that hull and can’t get it because the only way to get these is RL money.

Basically think the Gnosis but instead of something they’ve given out for free like half a dozen times it’s something that’s tied to RL money.

The Gnosis isn’t OP, but it’s probably the best ship available to Alpha Clones, so it has a niche only it can occupy. That’s the concern here.

(michaeltward) #20

I can understand that.

Remember that these are going to be in the reward table for project discovery though. (Don’t know if that’s a thing on release of PD though)

I still have problems with how it is because currently the only niche it fills is a ■■■■ ship that can warp around cloaked.

There is literally no reason to use it. Because if you are able to use it it’s likely that you can fly other recons and they do the job leaps and bounds better than that ship could do in it’s current state.