Cap recharge Time for Force Recons look odd

Well this isn’t about DPS but I found something odd, If you guys like to give me answer to this question then Ill be happy:

With ALL and I mean all Force Recon ships like the Rapier, Arazu, Falcon and the Pilgrim have a CAP recharge time of around 320sec.

Now why does the Enforcer that has a REP bonus to live on, that you guys say its not for DPS its for CYNO only, why have cap recharge time of 420sec.

In a fight that would of a been a lot of cap towards a tank. Less recharge time more tank time.

If you guys can let me know that would be awesome.

it doesn’t use a cap intensive E-war like the rest of the recons


But the Ewar apart from the Pilgrim Neutralizers you don’t need that much cap recharge, I’m saying that the Enforcer needs to be the same at 320sec instead of 420sec because of the bonus to Reps and shield booster amount.

Just a thought since well all the other Force Recon ships are the same , why not the Enforcer since it lies heavily on active reps to stay alive.

If your target lives long enough that capacitor becomes an issue for you, you failed to bring enough dps and deserve whatever death and doom is coming for you.

The Enforcer is a bad joke same as the frig

ECM, Damps, TP and TD all use a good deal of cap.

also you do realize this ship was never meant to be a viable combat ship right? its just supposed to be station candy

So what the point in having it then if it’s just, as you put it station candy.
Why even have it as a tackle ship then, why even put a bonus to covert cyno if you can’t even rep any damage because of cap.
It doesn’t make any sense.

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Well they should change that recharge rate to bring it in line with the other Force Recon ships that use the same amount of cap as the enforcer with its active reps.
And yes it has a bonus to reps like the other ships have bonus to there Ewar stuff.

go re-watch the announcement of these ships and see what fozzi said about that rep bonus

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