Cap battery Observation

Minmatar ships have the highest % cap recovery… and the lowest base cap.
So batteries almost always give better cap/second.
And it gives bonus base cap, as well as resistance to neuts (i guess that might be important)
Was messing around with fitting trying to make my navy stabber more cap stable for mission grinding and i noticed how much more time batteries give, I thought, "oh thats just because it takes longer to get through the reservoir of cap, its probably less stable)
So i looked at the recharger and i noticed i had better cap a second with a battery,
This realization changed my life


Some of this has to do with how mechanics in EVE work. I believe the same can be true of shields when using extender rigs instead of purgers.

Basically, capacitors and shields have two stats, there is the pool size and the recharge rate. The pool size is what we think of as hit points. Your shield has so many hit points or you have so many points of energy in your capacitor pool. This is a number value.
The recharge rate is a time based stat that indicates how long it will take your pool to refill from 0 to near full. Notice I said it is how long to fill your pool, not points per second. This means if you increase the pool size, the time to recharge does not change.

So if your recharge time is 10 seconds and your pool is 100, you gain about 10 points per second. If you increase the pool to 1000, you gain 100 points per second as it still takes 10 seconds to fill the pool. This in turn means that using modules that extend the pool tend to increase the points per second gained and can be a better improvement than just increasing the time to recharge.

Edited to add… This is EVE and of course things are complicated. Recharge is not a flat rate. It tends to peak when the pool is at 25% of the max. Go look at eve uni’s topic on cap management for a better understanding.


Shh :stuck_out_tongue: Yea its nice, but mids for mini is a big sacrifice and a lot of mini ships have less cap but same recharge time but for those with faster recharge it is quite nice.

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This is good advice, I have never passive tanked before, always either used extenders or boosters.

For shield tank on minmatar ships, where such cap reservoir would be most desired, it is one less mid for tank, so It somewhat balances itself.


Rechargers have different fitting requirements too, so I don’t see any issue with it since sometimes you can’t fit a battery. I have a confessor fit that’s tight enough that it can’t fit a battery instead, but rechargers do the job effectively.

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I was actually thinking about this, as you see a lot of people, instead of adding two batteries, adding a abtery and a recharger do to fitting issues

what do you think of this fit ? It uses a micro auxiliary power core in low, a ancill I in rigs, and a Thukker medium cap battery to be capstable. You can replace the deadspace armor rep with a faction, and the deadspace AB with a faction as well.

Removing a heatsink (nanofiber ?) opens the fit for a compact 5mn, but then you lose a bit of cap.

confessor with cap battery
[Confessor, dual light+thukkerMCB]
Imperial Navy Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane
Micro Auxiliary Power Core II
Centii C-Type Small Armor Repairer
Heat Sink II
Heat Sink II

Gistii A-Type 1MN Afterburner
Thukker Medium Cap Battery
Warp Scrambler II

Dual Light Pulse Laser II
Sisters Core Probe Launcher
Dual Light Pulse Laser II
Dual Light Pulse Laser II
Dual Light Pulse Laser II

Small Nanobot Accelerator II
Small Ancillary Current Router I
Small Auxiliary Nano Pump II

Scorch S x4
Tracking Speed Script x1
Imperial Navy Xray S x4
Conflagration S x8
Imperial Navy Multifrequency S x4

never put heat sinks on a confessor
any laser boat desi or or smaller never uses heat sinks
those are tank slots

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Is that so? Personally moving into confessor soon, curious of fitting, I can afford to, but I dont really want to play the how many confessors do I loss till I figure out a fit game.

depends what youre using it for
for pve i guess you could use them but it does good enough dps anyway imo

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What’s the advantage of being cap stable? I would say it is nice for neut protection, but fitting for cap stability in a PVP ship is a waste of one or more slots that could be better used for other modules IMHO.

being capstable is a plus, whatever is your fit. If you take SAME fit and just make it capstable it will always be better than if it is not capstable.

if you look at this fit, you’ll notice I use 3 slots for cap : cap battery, ancil rig, MAPC.

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