Cap Rechargers

All of my ships that I use had cap rechargers to get stable now they just take more cap recharging away.
Why did they change this?

Not sure what you mean by Cap Rechargers taking away. But it might help if you linked an example of your fits so we can see where it’s going wrong.

In general, Cap Rechargers are most useful on things like Battleships and some of the bigger Battlecruisers. For ships smaller than that, you’ll actually do better with a Cap Battery. The math behind Cap does better if you have greater capacity on the smaller ships b/c they have an inherently fast recharge rate. For the larger ships with slower recharge rate, adding a Battery doesn’t make as big of an impact as improving the recharge rate does.

So maybe whatever fits you’re finding lacking, would do better if you swapped out a Recharger for a Battery instead.

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My favourite is Large Compact Pb-Acid Cap Battery in Stratios.

Compared to when? When was the last time you’ve played?

Did you use a cap implant? Did you install a Microwarp Drive and forgot it teds to reduce cap? Or did you make some other changes?

AFAIK they haven’t directly changed cap rechargers in a while. Last change was probably a slight nerf to meta versions but even if you are using all compact cap rechargers I’d guess your fit should be close enough to cap stable it shouldn’t matter too much.

Past that my best guess if you are flying an apoc and at some point CCP changed it’s cap bonus to a tracking bonus, so now it uses more cap to fire the guns and that could ruin your cap stable build.

Either that or you are alpha and don’t have access to higher levels of certain cap related skills.

Consider changing a cap recharger for a cap battery, that might improve your overall cap situation, cap batteries got a nice buff a while back.

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