Enforcer the expensive the gorgeous the awful

It breaks my heart seeing this cool concept of the ship being implemented so awfully. There is so much stuff going wrong with it and I feel like naming a few:

  • any other T2 cruiser has roughly 50% higher base resistances;
  • it is a Reacon ship but has little to none EWAR bonuses (21% of other Recons);
  • mid/low slots layout can not be used effectively, as a result could use more low/mid slots;
  • purely combat fit with rapid light missiles gets beaten by a Hecate;
  • it has the lowest cargo hold of all the cruisers, one of highest warp costs and so on.

I did some comparisons: Pacifier with other Covert Ops, Marshal with other Black Ops and then Enforcer with other Reacons. Meanwhile Pacifier and Marshall get so much more extra, Enforcer lacks a lot in comparison.
Could be a really fun ship, but even at 5 security status it has worse effective tank than any other T2 cruiser.

My combat fit hecate can effectively murder rapid light Orthrus fits. Why would a ship that has lower stats due to balance around having a cloak be expected to fare any better?

And then your ship comparisons --You have apples and oranges combined with conclusions, but no means of how you drew them or what your thought process is. It makes what you state look like complete gibberish. it reads like:
… A tristan is faster than an omen navy, therefore the dragoon needs its damage buffed!

Perhaps you should compare the enforcer to a Stratios, as it is also a combat focused cloaking ship (as opposed to an EWAR support cloak ship), or to the T3 lines of cloaked ships – this is a more fair comparison based on the intended use of the ship.

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Enforcer is T2 while Stratios is T1, also Enforcer is a lot rarer. I would see no issue if Enforcer was T1 and was a lot cheaper and common.
Also I am comparing Enforcer with other Recon ships which are also Cloaky. All of them outperform Enforcer in most ways even disregarding EWAR. There is no chance it would be competitive with T3 cruisers in current state. I wish very much Enforcer somewhat matched T3s given it’s price and rarity.

Stratios is a pirate faction ship, not a T1 ship.

The enforcer being a special ed. ship similar to gnosis, more accurately called a “tech 1” ship with its low but even resist profile.
It is “rare” only because the sole source of them is certain events. This has no bearing on the overall power of ship.

It’s power is fairly comparable to a stratios, though it is faster and with slightly less agility. It has a lot more offensive versatility than a stratios, though similar to T3 cruisers the bonuses push toward an active tank set up.

If you don’t like it, keep the trophy ship in your hangar while the price continues to go up as people speculatively invest in them. All of the special ed ships (except gnosis and praxis) are trophies first and foremost, and usable ships second.

Pirate faction ships are T1 just like Navy issue ships are T1. Faction ships are comparable to navy issue T1s. In the end Enforcer Requires “Recon Ships” skill learnt which is once again a T2 skill indicating Enforcer being a higher tier than Navy or Pirate faction ships.

Stratios is a big exploration ship which has content made exclusively for it with niche use cases. Also it utilises Medium drones and has bonuses for the drones while Enforcer has none. Enforcer is a lot weaker in 1v1 and and does not offer much extra, this comparison is a very bad case for the Enforcer. Also why would you compare an explorer with a Recon?

It’s bonuses are nowhere close to T3s, it has no chance at having 50% tank of T3 even at max security status. Omen, a T1 ship, has better tank than enforcer

I actually tried using the Enforcer for some solo lowsec stuff at one point. I think I killed a ratting Rupture and an exploring sunesis.

It didn’t feel great to fly, so I quickly gave flying it up and it’s been collecting dust ever since. Most of its value is in the rarity and novelty, and putting a shiny target on one’s back and being unable to have the performance to back that up means it’s best use is probably as shiny bait. Or humiliation: „you got killed by an Enforcer, that underpowered hull?“

I guess the ship being a disappointment for many of us is an understatement. In order to fly it you need more skills than any other T2 or faction cruiser. In order to use it at max effectiveness you need to spend weeks if not months grinding the security status, also you need to behave in high and null sec. Finally you get a lot worse ship than any other T2 for the highest price.

Quite the opposite.

The Enforcer is the easiest recon ship to train into.

Where every other Recon ship or T2 cruiser requires level 5 in their respective faction cruiser level, the Enforcer only requires level 1 in all 4 of them. That’s ridiculously easy. Not yet Gnosis levels of easy, but it’s barely past T1 cruiser requirements.

Next, you don’t need to spend any time training for example Amarr cruiser levels past level 1 if you’re not planning on using energy turrets on your Enforcer. Likewise for any of the other bonused weapon systems: just train the one faction whose weapons you use.

The Enforcer is the easiest recon ship to train by far.

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Total skill points wise sure, but speaking of different amount of skills required no other T2 cruiser beats it.

When looking at ‘how hard is ship X to train’ you can look at various things:

  1. total amount of skill points required
  2. total cost of skill books required
  3. total amount of skill books required

Point 1 determines how long it takes to train into the ship. This is generally what people mean when they say it takes a lot of skills to train into a ship.
Point 2 determines how expensive it is to train into the ship. For some ships with skillbooks costing billions this is quite relevant, but for many others like T1 destroyer and cruiser skillbooks you can usually ignore this as spare change.
Point 3 determines how many skillbooks you need to buy when injecting the required skills for the ship. It’s pretty much irrelevant.

I realise now that when you were talking about ‘more skills’ you meant that literally, more skillbooks and a longer list of required skills.

That’s pretty much irrelevant.

SP or at most SP and ISK requirements is what determines if a ship is ‘hard to train’.

The Enforcer is significantly easier to train than T2 cruisers, it just has a long list of skills.

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Give this thing some competitive resistances

It has no resistance holes and higher base HP than T2 recons.

Resistance hole is very very easy to fix with a rig or 1 other module while overall low resistances are not that easy to improve. That ship has no tank. At least 40% instead of 33% would be something. And EWAR bonuses or extra mid/low slots would pull that thing from the grave.

Also I do not know if you can call it more, Enforcer’s 1800 vs Falcon’s 1750 shield and Enforcer’s 1800 armor vs Pilgrim’s 1800 armor.

It has multiple EWAR bonuses already, not only half the Gallente scram/point range bonus, but also a Minmatar-style web bonus to extend the effectiveness of webs to join their extended scram/point range.

It has 1/4 of the gallente warp disruption bonus while at the same time lacking dampener effectiveness landing at 1/8 of the Gallente Recon’s bonuses. It has 1/6 Minamatar webifier bonus while lacking the target painter bonuses landing at 1/12 of the Minmatar Recon’s bonuses. 1/8 + 1/12 = 20/96 = 21%. So the Enforcer has a fifth of other Recons’ effective EWAR bonuses, truly pathetic. These numbers are too low to make a difference.

So you whine here about how bad is enforcer instead of checking zkill? This guy have a lot of fun cooking enforcer.

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That cannot be, that guy appears to be utilizing the bonused web and scrambler range of the Enforcer, but according to this thread the Encorcer has no EWAR bonuses.

He does not kill anything else but frigates with the Enforcer, lol. Uses Tengu for everything else. Probably you picked the worst example of all. This just once again showcases what little use the Enforcer has.

Yeah, that is because force recons are not designed to kill anything themself. You made a lot of points why enforcer is bad but failed to understand its key feature. It is designed around the ability to light covert and/or capital cyno.

  • It has very high sensor strength which is highest among force recons, that means it is very unlikely that prey will jam it before secondary tackle lands.

  • High targeting range so it wouldnt get damped easily.

  • In Black ops PVP cyno is usually lit within scram range and the most popular Black ops(Redeemer/Panther) have fairly short range. With EWAR bonuses to both web and scram it makes Enforcer have place among the best FR if you need to hold target in place so it wouldnt MJD, MWD or run away with oversized prop mod from you.

  • Highest cpu(tied with Falcon) and powergrid stats among FRs so it can fit enough buffer to survive damage from any subcap while holding it in place and burning a cyno.

As you just learned, enforcer is already have its own niche and therefore it doesnt need any changes. Also next time you got baited flying new ship try to hold yourself and actually make some research yourself before posting your magnificent ideas here.

Side note, your Black ops analysis doesnt include Marshal’s one hidden perk which makes it arguably worst ship in class and that fact again shows your lack of game knowledge.

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Now you have me curious. What is this hidden Marshal downside?

Are you referring to it’s massive size and thus decloak radius compared to other black ops battleships?