T1 Frig vs Enyo Puzzle

You have to kill an Enyo. You choose the distance the engagement starts, and they aren’t allowed a prop mod… The catch is, you need to be in a T1 frigate.

And your budget is around 20m. No pimping.

How is the Enyo fit?

Damavik. Budget shmudget…

Yeah but not challenging or a puzzle

The standard Rocket kestrel would probably be my choice.

Drone Tristan.

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My guess too - Enyo shoots the drones. Done deal. You both live.

Do you mean that the Enyo doesn’t have a prop mod, or your ship isn’t allowed a prop mod either?

It’s all going to be highly speculative. This is “T1 Frigate to fight Assault Frigate” - tough.

The target is a Blaster Enyo: fixed damage type, so build a focused resistance profile. Turret based DPS - reducing that would help. He’s running cap Boosters rather than a prop-mod. It’ll be a long fight, but he’s removed one of the AB/Web/Scram trinity - so has compromised range control. At some point he’ll run out of boost (eventually!) especially if you’ve a utility high for a cap warfare module.

Crucifier Navy Issue?

Other possibilities would be a good kiting ship - though doing something about the bonused blaster range would be nice. I know some good Imperial Navy Slicer pilots that would have a crack at them.

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Just the Enyo goes without the prop mod. (Otherwise it’s impossible I think on 20m budget.)

Good thoughts, thank you. What about missiles as an option? The other possibility we need to prepare for is a cap stable Enyo yes?

This was inspired by a mission I’ve found called “Burner Enyo” which is easy enough to solve, but I’ve had fun running T1 frigates with it as testbeds for how they might fare in pvp.

The question (OP) itself though is meant as a PvP puzzle.

As far as PvP is concerned… it all comes down to endurance.

An Enyo is a dps monster at close range with a decent tank to support it. So “close range” in a Tech 1 Frigate is out unless you can fit a gimmicky super-tank… which will probably come at the cost being able to break the Enyo’s tank.

Besides range, an Enyo’s “achilles heel” will be capacitor power.
This means that any good Enyo pilot will fit a…

  • Nosferatu: This will give a little endurance, but won’t allow the pilot to maintain the Enyo’s active tank for too long.
  • Cap Booster. This greatly increases tanking endurance, but will probably come at the cost of a Stasis Webifier… meaning that range dictation will be an issue (note: Enyos absolutely NEED to be fit with a prop-mod and a warp scrambler)
  • Both: This is very ideal and gives the greatest endurance to the Enyo. However, some sacrifices may be necessary to make everything fit (see: damage or speed might have to be reduced).


So with all that out of the way… what are some options?

The Sentinel might be ideal. Despite being laughably frail it can fly fast, use drones at range, and use tracking disruptors to mitigate some of the Enyo’s damage application.

In fact… most drone ships would be ideal. But you would have to supplement the drones in some way (either in damage or Ewar) as 5 light drones will have a tough time cracking an Enyo.

Anything involving Energy Neutralizes would be great. The trick is fitting them on a ship that can deal and soak up decent damage.

Kiting missile ships would work… but it will take a LONG time before they crack an Enyo’s tank (if they can at all).

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Excellent thoughts - the Sentinel is T2, so not quite the solution yet. (If there exists one!) I like the way you think though. Attacking weakness in the ship - in this case, cap.

Drones don’t work at all. You can’t carry enough to overcome the tank before Enyo kills them.

So… what part of this is the “puzzle”? Are people just gonna offer suggestions and no answer given?

A rocket Kestrel can still kill an Enyo by just keeping it at range. At best, an Enyo with Neutron Blasters + Null S hits out to 9km, while a Kestrel’s Mjolnir Rage rockets hit out to 13km. If the Enyo has no prop mod, then you just orbit at 10km with a web and point and just shoot rage rockets (preferably EM if they’re smart, Explosive if they’re dumb) until it dies.

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Eve is a sandbox, if you enjoy figuring this kind of thing out, I gave you something to do :slight_smile:

There are webs that go beyond 10km and blaster charges that can hit out further, etc. I actually don’t have the answer - I’m looking for people who want to find it if it exists. It was fun.

This whole discussion seems artificially constrained. I guess it is just theorycrafting, not for actual use.

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True! Not necessarily theorycrafting, but that’s the method. More about learning the mechanics I suppose.

Do you think this is achievable?

I would bring a faction frigate, but it costs too much. I would bring a destroyer, but it isn’t allowed. Ultimately, I would buy two 10M frigates, give one to a friend, and crush that Enyo.

That’s cheating the puzzle :slight_smile: