T1 Frig vs Enyo Puzzle

Bring a crucifier, tracking disrupt him down to zero, neut him, then pound him until his tank fails. It might work. If I am lucky.

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Kobayashi Maru

Eve players will always cheat the test… :wink:



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I can’t vouch for that but it sounds like a possibility!

First off, webs don’t matter. You have better range control since the Enyo has no prop mod.

Second, no there are no blaster charges that can hit out farther. Neutron Blasters with Null S on the Enyo is the farthest out they can hit. You may get slightly more range with rigs, but that can be easily overcome by using faction Rockets instead of Rage rockets.

The crucifier doesn’t have a utility high slot, so the neut won’t work. At least with lasers you won’t run out of ammo before the fight is over.

I don’t doubt your numbers so much, but that’s a very very thin line you’re surfing. Maybe that’s the way it has to be? (In which case, not so much! lol!) Is there a better way?

Good call there. I dunno, the Navy Issue works in concept with all this but breaks the budget probably.

I’m less concerned with the ISK involved and more just was setting that as a limit so that it would be challenging. IF, a 20m or less T1 Frigate can do this, that’s what I’m interested in. I know anyone can spend more etc.

Personally I don’t think the Crucifier or any variant of it is the right answer.

Take the non-prop mod speed of an enyo and divide that in half. There’s your threat. It’s nonexistent.

What if it is a railgun enyo? And with Cap batteries in mids. Cant neut can’t outrange, cant outdps in a t1 frigate…

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That is why I would try tracking disruption. It would be a big gamble, but it would work against the Enyo no matter what.

I like a bit of wiggle room for pilot error. I’ve theorycrafted things that would work for this or that, but you need to fly perfectly. Fits that have a bit more wiggle room for pilot error might not be that much of a factor in this specific case. (I don’t know.)

This is wrong. You don’t need to fly perfectly. Like I said before, you have plenty of range control against a no-prop mod Enyo. Especially since you out range him with faction rockets.

The only error that can occur is sitting still for a prolonged period of time while the enyo slowly approaches you at roughly 250m/s.

Alright, hopefully I can test this out at some point soon. Thanks :slight_smile:

Poor dps, but you were right about the range control. Crucifier Navy Issue offers more DPS for same. Neither are any good. Also tried a Navy Hookbill variant of your theory. Same comments.

Maybe that’s the best that can be done given the budget.

Say we can stretch the budget a bit - what’s the minimum between 20m and the whole Damavik deal?

If you stretched to 40M I would go with a Sentinel. TDs and Neuts are the logical counters to the Enyo. Given time you will destroy it.

If you stretched ship classes you could get into T1 cruisers like RLM Caracal for around 25M.

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anything with a td and a web.

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To win or to tie?

Seems in that case the Enyo could have a prop mod and it wouldn’t matter. Those ships can be made faster easily.