Concord ship line sec-status buff change

I wanna start by saying that I love the concord ship line; they’re fun to fly and look great. They do however have a major flaw in that you need to have good sec status to be able to fully use them for PvP. While these ship are fun. they already are questionable in their usefulness for their price. I would love to see the buff to self reps from sec status removed and just made a trait that scales with your black-ops skill. To put into perspective of how not fun grinding up sec status for these ships is here is a rough example:

Right now from what I can find, the fastest way to grind sec status is to get into a fast high DPS ship (I use a bomber), go into null-sec, warp to a site or belt, kill a battleship and then warp off wait 5 mins for sec status to cycle rinse and repeat. For every battle ship kill with lvl 4 fast talk skill, you get 0.1680. Now for even killing one pod in low-sec you lose about 0.8% to 1.0% of sec status. That’s 30 mins of not fun at all grinding for 1 low-sec kill not including pods.

These ship are great for PvP, but this limit from sec status was a cool gimmick at first, as is now not a fun or engaging feature for the PvP players who want to use this ship line.

Very nice suggestion, agree with the guy. +1

Use them in null sec or wait for people to shoot you first or use them in high sec against criminals. You can easily fight in low sec and high sec without losing any sec status.

kinda defeats the purpose of blops. but yes that is a option and i have done that b4

Who fits active reppers to a BLOPS if it’s not for ratting? And those few who do use better BLOPS for their PVP, like the Sin.

for solo and small gang active rep fit BLOPS are great and not just the sin. this also has to do with the enforcer (i wont even mention the pacifier because its trash no matter what) iv killed many things with active rep BLOPS. go solo drop a Battleship with a passive fit blops it usualy does not end well. i mean dropping some repping T3C you would be better but at that point just drop all T3C since BLOPS are kinda crap anyways

Nice idea, very cool!

im trying to avoid krabing lol. also Deemer is gilded Amarr trash. Minmatar master race

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