Phase 1 - CONCORD

Ok, lets play your game.

  1. How you want counter untouchable miners in hisec?

  2. How you prevent over farming LP stores in hisec corporations that will lead to market crash?

  3. How you prevent from claiming all ice in hisec by one corp in his untouchable mining ships?

Maybe you will bump everyone all day long that freighter pinatas with max possible cargo hold also? It will be fun to load ship with bilions of plex and fly around trade hubs.

Taking things to the extreme when there’s no need is “madness”.

CONCORD is an entity in the game that acts almost no differently from say, guards in an Elder Scrolls game. They’re there to try and give a sense of law and order to the players - in both a gameplay sense and a roleplay sense.

CONCORD is not there to protect players or stop them from doing something they shouldn’t be doing. It’s up to the player to ultimately protect themselves or find that protection in greater numbers. If anything CONCORD should be given more time before they can properly “mobilize” in response to attacks UNLESS the aggressor in question has a significant negative security rating.

Having CONCORD with a lower response time would allow the players to do more policing among themselves, and give more to those that would like to see something be done about ganking and bumping.

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Problem with that is all the ways a player could bypass it such as using new accounts, etc.

Yeah, I was thinking of making an edit about that since there’s so many ways of getting around it but decided against it.

I was envisioning different fleets for different purposes, Coast Guard, Navy, City Fireboat.

Which reminds me, there is an opportunity for CCP to create a lot of cool story content to cover the transition and there could even be some one time event possibilities.

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For the same reason CONCORD is, it’s a game and that level of response was deemed necessary by the designers.

I like the idea 1 , and for idea 2 I would place response time/ strength based on standings of given attacked ship( if a fleet, can be the best/worse standings.

So i have to admit I was not aware of this (before my time), I actually thought it was ‘lore’ due to an issue CCP thought could/may occur, not one that did.

Ripped unashamedly from old forums.

From the EVE-I boards (couldn’t find it here):

"Regarding the mass killings in Yulai last night (3rd of March 2004)

As a lot of you are aware, a certain corp willingly exploited a fault in the game mechanics and managed to kill over a 100 people in the supposedly secure Yulai system last night. We have decreed that those who were the recipiants of this heinous crime will be fully reimbursed for their loss. If you are one of those who lost your belongings and still haven´t petitioned us, please do so and we will see to it that your possessions are returned to you. The exploiters have received a ban for their efforts and anyone thinking of following their example should be aware that the same fate awaits them. - The GM Team"

From my perspective if its ‘just lore’ that can fairly easily change without many issues (yes it’s not great for those that RP), but as it was an actual ‘player event’ I’m less inclined to whack it with an update stick.

I’m starting to warm (ever so slightly) to this idea… kinda like in the AT when you leave the arena, except instead of a GM doing it, its the Navy/Fleet/CONCORD auto-destructing your ship. How does this happen, well it’s due to the ‘remote explosion device’ that is attached to your ship (via gate transfer or something) upon entering high sec space (what if you come in thru a WH? same thing, the Empires control all of their space), the price you pay for dealing with Empire Factions… or something like that :slight_smile:


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You mean the highly volatile ships reactor and warp drive, and the remote overrides they have built into the pods via the he4 network right? Since we can’t switch the network off or we can’t clone, and they most certainly control the he4 so we can’t build our own.
Lore wise it’s very easy to do.

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Hmmm, yes, yes I think that does sound like what I meant, not sure how I managed to typo that bad though :slight_smile:


Ow I like it with a “inside the pod view” with the countdown :rofl:

Which would be bloody great to be honest, it’s been a while since I’ve seen some story content inside of the game.

You’re still inside your pvp bubble…no pvp in high does not mean “no pvp in high”…you can have sanctioned pvp(duel rule) and you can have the full pvp stuff beginning with 0.4…

What you CAN NOT have is a “i don’t like this corp so i declare war on it or pay someone who does it for me”…

You simply can NOT take out an opponent by destroying his property…you can outrun him via prices on the market (market pvp) but there is just no NEED to kill his ships and other property.

bottom line…

A question regarding replacing CONCORD spawns with a remote ship destruct command.
Would pulling of CONCORD be a thing of the past?

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I suggest read this:

In EVE Online, any player may attack any other player if they choose to, no
matter where they happen to be. This is because EVE Online is essentially
a PvP (Player versus Player) game at its core (…)

It’s not my game. It’s CCP game. Their idea was to make PvP game. You don’t like PvP go grind in PvE only titles lie ED, or X-3

Bottom line is: Why you play game you don’t enjoy?


Yes, of course it would. But it would affect both ways of pulling. And it would open up tactics like smart bombing more because spawn lag wouldn’t mess people up.

Also no, high sec will never have no pvp except consensual.


You mean you cannot play a game and criticize it in order to make it better(for whom ever) ?

If you actually play a game it’s your duty to simply shut up,pay and play it?

Is this what you say?

Well if so you have some kind of a strange opinion i must say…

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Not if you want to change its core. Like coming to football and requesting it to be changed to basketball because you don’t like to use your foots to push the ball.


You can make all the suggestions you want, but if CCP wants EVE to be PVP -focused then that’s the game they want to make.