Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!

"Is our own identity not one of our most valued possessions? How we envision ourselves? How we want those around us to recognize us as?

Besides our very spirit - To an individual, there is nothing more valuable than your identity. Money, material possessions - These things are worthless compared to the value your identity should mean to you. Your identity is… You. Can you think of anything you own more incredible than that? Can you think of any price worth selling your own identity for? Do you not feel fear of it being taken from you…?

… And societies such as the State? They don’t want the individual to discover themselves and mold their own identity. Such things are dangerous to their whole setup… Instead they seek to shun such things and force their desired identity onto you. Mold you into a cog in their machine and condition you into thinking you are nothing without them. They out right own your identity because it is them that gave you it. That threaten to revoke it if you dare defy them.

As I say, do you not fear losing your identity? Do you not cherish it?

This is how the State controls people so effectively, by shackling them down mentally. From birth these poor souls are given the expectation to live and die for the benefit of the State. To never flee, to never challenge it and to always remain loyal and trust in it no matter what happens. They teach them to take pride in this, take pride that they’ve been reduced to drones that exist only to serve.

Despite the boasting from the State of how unified their culture and people are, day in and day out individuals awaken in the masses, able to think critically of the society they’re in and think beyond the fictitious borders of the State. These people are finally connecting with themselves for the first time after the State tried to erase such traces from them. and how are they treated? Chastised, shunned, casted out and made to feel ashamed for breaking these shackles placed on them.

… Then they find refuge here, among us like minded… Individuals. We are a harbour for all those shunned by the State, those that are made outcasts by their culture and society. And when people hear that they assume we’re nothing but rejects, failures and scum that couldn’t cut it in their pristine civilization. The reality is that we’re all individuals, and individuals just have no place in the State…"

  • Suha Raibuya, speaking at the Windchime Shrine aboard N5Y-4N’s Guristas Logistical Station