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“I reject this notion that humanity are destined to adopt augmentations and implants as this 'advancement” of our species’ quality of life. Such things I call “Jove Talk” as it the very same logic that landed the Jovians where they are today… Jovians were disgusted with what the limitations and cons of being a human being entailed and tried to run away from it by mutilating themselves with augmentations and genetic engineering. And did all this lead to some perfect and efficient society? No, it lead to their society’s utter destruction! It lead to their next generation being cursed with an illness that their ‘advancements’ made them vulnerable to!"

Do I condemn such technology when it comes to replacing a lost limb or retired organ? It be unfair of me to say so… But I find it troublesome when human beings trade in their natural flesh for metal and wire in pursuit of some advancement. Someone that thinks like that will continue to replace their flesh with machinery until it must be debated whether or not they are a human, or a machine."

“Do note that I have said that we shouldn’t fear such technology if no better alternative is present. What I am teaching is not to treat such technology should not be seen as taboo and those that currently utilize such tech are not to be seen as impure humans. What I teach is that we should come to embrace ourselves as human beings and to accept the cons and limitations of our corporal forms and not go on a mad chase to try to ‘improve’ what the human being is. Primarily because such an endeavor would be naturally sabotaged by human error.”

    • Suha Raibuya, speaking at the Windchime Shrine aboard N5Y-4N’s Guristas Logistical Station.
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