Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!

It goes without saying that one’s ethnicity is not a factor in their potential… In fact I’d go as far as to say that ethnicity is an entirely made up concept. A product of humanity’s natural tribalistic way of thinking… I can forgive it, but all of you are here to be enlightened to think above such things… You wanna know what names like Caldari, Gallente, Amarr and Minmatar are? They’re all labels. Labels that cultures have created to brand themselves and separate them from humans they deem to be different than them… It goes beyond culture, they go further to brand your very body as one of ‘them’ and place you either in favor, or disgust. If that doesn’t sound like tribalism, then I must not know what is - Regardless, this is why I identify as Raata before I acknowledge any Caldari heritage in me, as I prefer to identify with my human spirit before I identify with some arbitrary skin-tone or facial structure I’ve inherited…

Identifying with such labels is barbaric to me… A close minded and narrow way of thinking that these so called ‘advanced civilizations’ propagate to further control people and bring them under this tribalistic way of thinking… I speak of such things now more than ever of late because of these ‘Sedevacantist’ that have recently appeared in our lovely region and begun spreading a message built on tribalistic and degrading messaging. They speak with their chest out and speak with a tone of pride, but their words are nothing but insecurities.

They whine about the ass of a Uldorian sitting on the Amarrian throne and declare “Not my empress” and pretend that nobody is even in charge… They claim Amarrian superior, yet seemingly lack the mental capacity to process the irrelevance such a label holds because they can’t imagine a world where them identifying as Amarr holds no meaning… They force these racial labels around to keep others out of their prosperous tribe and screech out that those outside this tribe serve them for their interests… And most humoring, they love to point out that a woman with the label of Amarr mating with one labeled as Minmatar is an abomination - Because they all have a insecurity of being cucked by those they deem lesser… Perhaps it’s all some repressed sexual desires they’re failing to express.

Is it not a pity? Could you imagine going on and caring about whose ass sits upon the Amarrian Throne? What arbitrary ethnicity someone is? Feeling unsatisfied everyday that the world isn’t bowing to your meaningless labels and could you process how it must feel to go on everyday thinking your sexual desires are evil and disgusting?.. Well, maybe the disgust is the appeal to begin with.

What I ask of everyone here is just to think beyond such a simple minded way of thinking, to think beyond these labels society has forced on us to control our identity. If you wish to go by one of these labels, then that is your choice like any other - But why? What pride is there to be had in considering yourself Caldari? Or Gallente? Amarr or Minmatar? What significance do any of these labels hold? That is a question, for you to answer yourself.

Suha Raibuya, speaking at the Windchime Shrine aboard N5Y-4N’s Guristas Logistical Station.