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Early this morning the skies over the Iddisheim peninsula in Ishohuolvi were rocked by a series of immense detonations for kilometers around where the Wellspring Source, the Wyvern class Supercarrier, was last noted to be transiting.

Current reports suggest that a Hoarder class industrial registered to the Krellufor Organization was aggressively de-orbited into the airspace at speed, and managed to survive volleys of CIWS systems before impacting the shield radius of the supercarrier, and detonated the payload it was carrying. Bathing the peninsula in a daisy chain of horrific thermonuclear blasts and firestorms, leveling highway sections and incinerating aircraft and drones near the epicenter of the detonations.

At this time, casualties in the local area are unknown, but the capsuleer pilot of the Wellspring Source, Lauralite Anne Brezia, was able to be reached, and confirmed that despite heavy damage, the attempt to bring down the supercapital vessel failed in its objective. The pilot also expressed outrage at the callous deployment of WMDs in proximity to inhabited zones, especially by forces that are ‘supposedly protecting the wellbeing of Skarkon.’

When reached for comment, a Krellufor media representative was cagey about their response, and said that “all measures are under consideration, per the edict of Khumatar Efrit for all legitemate military, law enforcement, and security contractors to kill criminal warclones on sight,” when it was noted to the representative that the Supercarrier was a capsuleer vessel, not warclone, and supporting baseline armed forces, and that the potential collateral damages caused were monstrously disproportionate, they quickly ended the interview and ejected Heath Row News reporters from the premises of the Krellufor Compound.

CBD has at this time refused to comment, but it has been noted that tensions continue to rise between the supposedly allied corporate and RSS backed forces.


Unsecured Clone Pilot Comms Chatter, Sea of Skadki, Skarkon II

“Kar, you need to turn that damned bucket of bolts around get back here!”

“■■■■ you Ag! Those bastards ■■■■■■■ nuked us and most of the nearby cities!”

“I know damnit! You running off with one of the Mk. IIs isn’t going to change that though!”

“Piss off, it’ll mean some payback.”

“Ancestors choke, you’re doing what I did back in the warzone!”

“I’ll see you in the next life you prick.”

“■■■■… give 'em hell.”


Reports from Floseswin IV have indicated that a popular local song, released by local freedom fighters has become increasingly popular among Republic troops, with some reports going so far as to claim that the song can be heard being played from rooftops as Minmatar troops advance upon Amarrian hold outs in the few remaining pockets on the planet.


A notice posted in the official records of Lor III and the current notices of the Public Records


  • On the twelfth of July in the year of the capsuleer 122, let it be known that The Most Reverend Constantin Baracca of the House Baracca did accuse The Most Honourable Ghallok Rorrq of the House Rorrq of intentionally and maliciously slaying his cousin, the Most Honourable Departed Naia Baracca of the House Baracca, for causes insufficiently warranted.

  • This is contested by Lord Ghallok, who declares that he did slay the Most Honourable Departed Naia Baracca of House Baracca in accordance with those laws governing justifiable self defense.

  • These parties have met in arbitration, and no accommodation of satisfaction can be found between them.

  • Thus a duel to satisfaction by combat is agreed to take place between these parties, with both representing themselves, on the eighteenth of July this same year at eight o’clock in the evening in the local time at the Great Circle in Erea City on Lor III by way of dueling sabers, to be inspected by both parties, and bereft of armor, shield, and other arms, in the traditions currently in recommendation with no exception until quarter is requested or one of these parties is slain.

  • May these proceedings be blessed by that invisible Justice, by His Light and His Will.


Tintoh VIII, Caldari Navy Testing Facility

“Just reminicing. I miss him. He was the first motivator.”



“It doesn’t talk. You know it, I don’t know why you ask.”

“I don’t care.”

“Go away, H.”

“I’m going to unplug you.”

“Don’t call her. I need to think.”

“Not about the lines. Nobody wants them, knew they’re beaten out.”

“Not my team. Eel’s not spoken in nearly a year. Haven’t asked her to look into him recently. She’s busy.”

“I’m not making excuses- don’t pull this over me.”

“She’s coming and she’s not going to announce herself until she’s right outside.”

“You don’t get to mark her. Not the aerosol rounds. No.”

“We’re never going to be ready, we just have to deal.”

“What about my tastes? Don’t like it? You know the filters. Tune it out.”

“Stop whispering, it’s creepy.”

“::Fine. But get up. Eat…::”

“Make me. No, that’s not an order.”

“::At least look at the last record?::”

“Not even whoever this Clea person is will get me out. I don’t care. Unless she knocks on my door with a fleet of thieves, she can be a creepy stalker with some desire to get my “carved out heart with it”, whatever it is.”

“::That’s not something I’d let slide.::”

“Then let it be your problem. You so bored of sitting in station, why don’t you do it? Know what, yes, that’s your mission.”


“Find her. Make it clear I’m done with it all. And whatever comes, deal with it. Assess, mark, and relocate.”


“…it’s dead, why won’t it leave me alone.”

“Ugh, what is this? When did… I need to stop sitting around like a corpse, this drink’s gone.”


"I identify as Raata… Does that statement confuse any of you? Typically the word ‘Raata’ is only ever invoked by the Caldari as a buzzword when they start talking about how honorable their way of life is and how much they treasure their culture and history…

… So why would I, in the middle of a Guristas owned station in Venal - ever bring up the Raata and say I identify as one? Because being Raata has nothing to do with being Caldari… Raata is a spiritual identity that transcends meaningless differences in our corporeal forms and insignias.That is what the tribes of Caldari Prime aimed to achieve when they tossed aside their tribalistic ways as they saw in one another a spirit much like theirs, the spirit of humanity. To identify as Raata is to identify with the human spirit that resides in each of us - regardless if you’re Caldari, Gallente, Amarrian or Matari, you all have the right to claim this identity as your own. The Caldari will say it’s impossible unless you’re one of them, but I’d wager they do that out of fear of losing their fragile grip on this heritage and culture they claim to hold dear. I for one say we should help them loosen this grip…”

  • Suha Raibuya, speaking at the Windchime Shrine aboard N5Y-4N’s Guristas Logistical Station.

"Purpose - It’s what we all crave deep down inside, isn’t it? We all want to find something that matters to us, that motivates us to dedicate our lives to. Passion is one of the most powerful feelings that a human can feel as it will drive them to achieve the unthinkable. There’s nothing more human than desiring something to be passionate about, it is apart of our nature…

…And the Empires will happily take advantage of this. YOUR purpose is to work and die for whatever mega-corporation you were born into without question! YOUR purpose is to be a proud patriot of some corrupt lie of a system that tells it’s people that they’re free only to place a bureaucratic labyrinth between them and what they want! YOUR purpose is to kneel before frauds that claim to have been chosen by a god and support the enslavement of others so you can shove a horrific religion down others throats! And YOUR purpose is to keep alive some ■■■■■■■■ nonsensical ancient tribal culture and prop up a faulty Republic! YOUR purpose is defined by whatever vagina you happen to pop out of within a Empire’s fictional boundaries that they call borders.

The Empires will take advantage of our nature as human beings so they create puppets out of us! They will tell us what our purpose is and punish and shame us when we defy them to seek out a purpose that rings true to us personally!

What a privilege it is that the Guristas won’t tell you what you should dedicate your life to! The Guristas offer you a foundation to stand upon, a foundation that is raised above the petty politics and national identities that plague New Eden so that YOU may hunt down and discover your purpose as an individual!"

  • Suha Raibuya, speaking at the Windchime Shrine aboard N5Y-4N’s Guristas Logistical Station.

A call goes out across the station comms relay. “Which one of you pinged me?”

A response comes from nearly every corner, mostly confusion over the comms breakdown.

“I’ve made it expressly clear I’m not to see or be seen by anyone for any reason unless it’s CONCORD, or the station’s on fire. Not even Laura. I’ve given you all express directions and between my actions and your competence, I was assured that you are able to handle all further actions without my input from here on until I was complete with my task.
It cannot be Block, Block is offline and disconnected. I have disabled all inbound calls unless it is from the aforementioned sources, and I’ve gone to great lengths to prevent tampering to fool me into otherwise.
This task I have undisclosed was not to be interrupted for any reason, as it is so important you’d die before I finished the abridged, shortest, simplest available explanation of the importance of my not being disturbed, even if it was stuffed into a meme to digest or summarised it by saying “life”, nor should it have been possible for this to occur at all, the odds of such an occurence coming to pass being infinitely impossible that this world should have broken from innumerable physical laws and constants having been violated all at the exact same time.
So speak up. Which one of you pinged me across time, space, and through a number of safeguards, barriers, and mental discipline? Because I’m impression is only barely surpassing my raw fury at this exact moment.”

“Uriel Anteovnuecci wants to talk to you.”


“Alright. Send him in.”


– Bosboger Space Daily, YC122.07.25


article from the Pegeler Heat tabloid site

Noted Holo-Siren and Escort Lauralite Brezia Has A Baby Bump?!
Hello avid readers! Today we have quite the story for you! We recently received a set of lurid photos of Adult holo-queen and bodymodding icon Lauralite Anne Brezia, from an anonymous source, hard at work. This is nothing new of course, set photos and holo-recordings of her various dirty escapades show up regularly across the GalNet, whether personal camera drone footage, sets from the ever elusive EBK, or even the myriad of Nugoeihuvi owned porno-studios she is known to work with.
What IS new though is the growing bump in the temptress’s tummy! Various photos dated as being over the last three months show the steady progress of Mademoiselle Brezia’s belly from its usual tight and toned into a now quite noticeable rounding! The real question now is… who’s little monster is she carrying? An accidental conception from one of her many clients? Or perhaps the child of capsuleer Sakabkei Kiijata, who she’s been seen in regular company of for over a year now?
Whatever the case, the foreign enchantress shows no signs of slowing down!


footnote snippet from the Placid Tribune, 7.30.122

Multiple Preserved Bodies Found in Unmarked Storage Container Over Moclinamaud III, Remains Identified As Wanted Slavers and Human Traffickers

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Minmatar Republic News Footnote Aggregation 7.14.122-7.30.122

  • Major relief efforts under way following the massive bombing attack linked to Krellufor Organization against supercarrier vessel over Iddisheim Peninsula on the 14th, civilian casualty numbers remain unclear
  • Civilian activists across Molden Heath call Khumatar Kril Efrit’s statement on attacks ‘poorly veiled attempts at deflection’
  • CBD, RSS officials seek SARO “expertise” on Skarkon II to coordinate inter-empire counter-insurgency operations
  • Surveillance footage shows man in “black and red skull bandana” entering planetary governor’s office minutes before high-yield explosion destroys facility, suspect not seen exiting aftermath
  • Bosena Accords begins coordination with Servant Sisters of Eve to distribute more food and medical supplies to planetside cities and settlements devastated by conflict. Offloading supplies has been carried out by the Accords Stewards of Avalon.
  • Plans underway to begin reconstruction of conflict damaged residential zons, third party benefactors pledge material support
  • Spokesperson for the Office of the Khumatar in Skarkon condemns ‘clone pilot rampage’ that destroyed munitions depots belonging to Seykal Headhunters and Krellufor Organization, calls immortal pilots and their capsuleer keepers ‘lawless marauders without concept of human morality’
  • Bosena Accords Stewards have recommended the evacuation of their mortal personnel citing increased danger surrounding major population centers.
  • Bosena Accords petitions Society of Conscious thought to block CONCORD intervention on Skarkon II, requests non-military alternatives and conflict mediation
  • UNF rapid response forces make major push to surround Krellufor command compound in Skardisgaad district while others continue further south into Ishohuolvi
  • UNF SCVG-001 Wellspring Shard continues pushing into Ishohuolvi covering ground forces, damage from previous attack ‘present but not a hindrance’ sources say
  • Local artist groups on Skarkon II from Guluormola and Skardisgaad districts release scathing satirical comic serials across GalNet criticising Khumatar Kril Efrit’s failing strong arm tactics
  • Ushra’khan loses valuable ‘Prometheus’ Minmatar Fortizar to CVA, Snuffed Out, Sedition., and other capsuleer aggressors
  • Joint Capsuleer Militia Anti-Pirate Operation staged from Ammamake succeeds in destruction of Snuffed Out pirate organization Fortizar, critics in Amarr Empire and Minmatar Republic proclaim treasonous collaboration. Minmatar activists drawing parallels to the ‘Warzone Treaty’ that sparked Floseswin Conflict’
  • Rise in organized religious activity causing tensions across Metropolis region between Tribal Traditionalists and followers of Amarrian derivative faiths
  • Triglavian Invasions continue across the cluster, Triglavians fail to setup footholds in Republic Space despite success in other empires
  • Shakor Administration Supporters in an uproar as raunchy GalNet slashfic by noted erotic fanfic writer Tessande Falconer, featuring Maleatu Shakor and Kril Efrit gains popularity
  • Tribal Marshals in the Almur Constellation deny increase in Nation affiliated Pirate traffic, blame Capsuleers.
  • Large influx of refugees in Dammalin in aftermath of destruction of Ushra’Khan ‘Prometheus’ fortizar

article published in THE STATEMENT, a Caldari News and Tabloid site popular in the Sela Constellation, on 7.31.122


Our top story today brings us far from the borders of the State out to the Placid and Syndicate regions of Gallente space and Null Security, but no less concerns those who have pledged their loyalty to the Megas, and the CEP.
Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive, or I-RED as its more commonly referred, has long been a pillar of Caldari Integrity and Loyalty for over a decade, often engaging in anti-piracy operations and support initiatives under the direction and support of beloved Ishukone, and its representatives, and in February of last year celebrated its ten year anniversary as the penultimate representative of the Ishukone Corporation in the Capsuleer community despite its primary operations being placed far from the State, in the region of Syndicate, on Ishukone directive no less.
However, despite their continued vocal support of Ishukone and The State. The Statement has begun to receive disturbing reports of I-RED collaborating with piratical Capsuleer organizations such as Shadow Cartel and Sedition. in the both Syndicate and the Placid region, this and ongoing rumblings of diplomatic difficulties with various friends to The State has called their loyalty to their mother Megacorp, The State, and their honor into question.
Rumors abound of corruption and gridlock in the I-RED board of directors and diplomatic branch have also arisen in the past several months, causing further concerns for various supporters of the Enforcement Directive despite a noted increase in their battle capabilities.
An anonymous baseline source from inside I-RED stated that “To be Ishukone… to be Caldari, is not just loyalty of word. It is loyalty of action. Of progress and forward momentum and commitment to the Corporate Ideal. They [I-RED] have fallen from the ideal, pursuing vainglory and ego. They claim to act in the interest of mother Ishukone and with the blessings of Mens Repola, but they do not. They act in their own interest and greed. My Contract ends this month, I shall finish it, I am a good citizen, but I will not condone The Directive’s activities and implore that Ishukone launch an immediate and thorough investigation into the activities of their once great subsidiary.”
As of this writing, The Statement has confirmed that an inquiry is currently pending from the Ishukone Watch in regard to the myriad allegations surrounding I-RED.


Article published in Krasnaya Zvezda a tabloid circulation on Nakri, known to focus on court intrigue and Naval matters


This publication has received information that the brief firefight in Izmaylovsky Park which left one House Koval security officer dead and another wounded last month has been linked to the ongoing feud between Houses DeSilvestris and Koval. Information has been received that a slave contracted to House DeSilvestris was snatched by unknown members of House Koval. It is believed that the slave who was snatched, a Thukker woman by the name of Ishta Maleto, is the same woman who was seen to be dining with Lord Lieutenant Alexandr DeSilvestris at the famously exclusive Buono Restaurant. Maleto is known to be owned by a capsuleer holder by the name of Lord Esna Pitoojee. What Maleto is contracted to House DeSilvestris for is as yet unknown, although she has been seen wearing the uniform of the (in)famous 601st Special Projects Unit, this publication speculates that she is a ‘field wife’ for the young Lord DeSilvestris. Neither House has thus far released any comment on the matter and it is believed that it has been resolved. Of note to this publication is an entry in the Book of Records which shows the transfer of a single slave owned by House Koval to House DeSilvestris at no apparent cost. Given that Maleto has been seen since this firefight it is believe that she was released unharmed and that this slave may be as apology, leading this publication to further speculate that this snatching did not have the full authorization of Lord Koval.


“Drones are machines, remember this. No matter how symbolically you can compare the autonomy of a drone to that of a human being or any other living creature - Remember that they are still but machines. Machines are objects, property, tools that are without any spirit or the ability to think and feel. Such things are a gift to biological life and not the petty machines built by man to carry out the work they care not for.”

“These so-called ‘rogue’ drones are nothing more than malfunctioning machinery carrying out corrupted lines of code indefinitely. They’re damaged, broken junk floating in space. Their ‘culture’ is a myth and this notion that drones are our equal is a disillusion lie propagated by those that wish to confuse us and make us lose the meaning of what it means to be human by bringing us down to the same level as cold calculating machines.”

  • Suha Raibuya, speaking at the Windchime Shrine aboard N5Y-4N’s Guristas Logistical Station.

Chatter picked up inside the Hissi Fit lounge onboard the Guristas Logistic Support in 6NJ8-V

“Yo this chick just talked about some asshole Serpentis ship coming through our territory”

” Yeah? What of it, it’s not the first she’s been here”

“Fool didn’t you hear, she is transporting some pristine fighter tech”

“Why go for it, you have seen how armed she normally is”

“You ■■■■■■■ deaf or what, it’s only guarded by a daredevil. Something about stealth I think she said. I say we take a few people out and meet her little escort, show her that Serpentis bootlickers are not welcome here, and get rich at the same time."

“I don’t know man, something weird about it.”

“Your a ■■■■■■■ cowered that’s what’s weird about it, you scared of a snake freak? she is out here thinking she owes the place, I say let’s show her whos territory she is in.”

“■■■■ it, fine! I’ll get the others and meet you at dock 3-5.”


New Advertisements in Caldari and Empire Stations, a stern but ultimately cheesy voice-over with intense music as modules are welded onto ships and a camera pans through a cloning bay :
"We at Wiyrkomi Corporation have a question for you… why Doctor Clarke? Why choose a pilot that has spent more time keeping our brothers, sisters, and our Amarrian allies alive than she’s ever spent even thinking about which end of a blaster goes where? Why send her to represent us in the Triglavian Colosseum? Why entertain the newest and gravest threat to New Eden, those that would besiege our star systems and destroy our Naval Forces? At Wiyrkomi and the Caldari Navy we believe in honor… in integrity… in the value of hard work. 7 years ago we built Captain Clarke from the ground up. She was made by Caldari, she is Caldari, and if she fails, she will die Caldari. Hundreds of elite capsuleers in a last-man-standing brawl to the death! Support the State that supports you! Support Alexis Clarke in the Triglavian Proving Grounds by tuning into any station on the net where Wiyrkomi Corporation, the Caldari Navy, or Sukuuvestaa programming is played!


*Article published in Krasnaya Zvezda a tabloid circulation on Nakri, known to focus on court intrigue and Naval matters. Dated 03/08/YC122


Having recently been granted significant holdings on Nakri V itself. House DeSilvestris, now believed to be primarily helmed by it’s Capsuleer scion Lady Ekaterina DeSilvestris. Has entered a new company, headquartered at the family holdings on Nakri, into the records. The new company, which is operating under the holding name VORONA has immediately engaged in a spending spree. Records show that Vorona has purchased military equipment and supplies from Carthum Conglomerate, Ishukone and Viziam surplus stocks. This is coupled with the expansion of The DeSilvestris House Guards and the recent purchase of station space to expand the training area where it is rumored their elite 601st Special Projects Group is based. It is speculated by this publication that these changes are as part of a drive by Lady DeSilvestris, a notable capsuleer and member of the prestigious Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris, to answer the call of the Pax e Kilizhi Do and the expansion of Sarum Forces in response to ongoing Triglavian incursions. There are others, however, who speculate that Vorona is likely to join the thriving mercenary circuit, an equally likely move for a House so steeped in military experience and expertise. Either way, it is clear that after decades of relative dormancy, there are significant changes at work in the halls of House DeSilvestris. What Lady Ekaterina is planning is unknown and this publication has not yet received any response to our requests for comment. However, there are many Holders of Nakri Houses who will likely be watching with interest and, in some cases, a measure of nervousness.


Gelfiven Standard, 9th August YC122

Karynn Denton Lekhantsi is stepping down as chief executive of the environmentalist concern Untitled Goose Corp.

At a small press gathering at the Gelfiven VI Trust Partners Trading Post, Ms Denton of Clan Lekhantsi of the Krusual Tribe gave the following statement:

“Over the past year, I have committed myself to the service of New Eden’s environment. In reflection, I am pleased and satisfied with my accomplishments and where Goose Corp stands today. I have the utmost faith in its members and supporters to continue its mission of environmental education and action.

My path now takes a different branch to new horizons and new challenges. My Tribe and our Republic face grave threats from outsiders, and I must find my place in answering them. And know that wherever this new path may take me, I will always remain Gaia’s servant.”

The announcement comes within hours of Ms Denton, affectionately known as “Mother Goose”, receiving an internal award acknowledging the removal of 1,000 neglected Mobile Tractor Units from across New Eden.

Leadership is passing to Zenito Katanga of Clan Katanga of the Thukker Tribe. As the director of Goose Corp’s recycling programme, Katanga has established consistent production and sales of salvage equipment in the Ani, Fittakan and Barvigrard constellations. He gave the Standard a taciturn response on Ms Denton’s departure and his own promotion:

“There will be a change of some stationery, and that is all.”


Published in a gossip tabloid, dated 08/08/YC122, source unknown.

Khanid Prime

Lady Lasairiona Raske-Deritan was seen recently speaking to officials in the court of King Khanid II. Her appearance was as sudden as her departure, and she didn’t remain to socialize. Her purpose for being in the court of King Khanid II is unknown, and attempts to find out have been swiftly met with rebuffs and threats. Lady Raske-Deritan inherited a holding on Khanid Prime from her deceased sister, Lady Ithiria Deritan.