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"The Caldari of the State reject Freedom as a “Gallente Concept” and scoff at it being a poisonous desire. Is free will not a defining trait of our humanity? Is the sentience our species has been gifted by nature some curse we’re supposed to fear? The State condemning freedom is a testament to their disgust of human nature.

The State projects their loathe of our humanity by obliterating it in their soceity. Preferring to force their people to regress back to a more primitive mindset so they can be controlled. Their workers are to think like ants and live only to support the hive, soldiers are conditioned to be disciplined hounds - loyal to their masters and eager to be unleashed in their enemies.

And you wanna know what breaks my heart? What brings me to tears about this? Is that the State conditioned their people to take pride in this. To stand proud that they’ve been made to think like animals and reject their own calling as humans. They look down on those that have embraced their own humanity and hail themselves up as some higher beings, but the reality is that they’ve been sold a lie by the very people that has done this horrible atrocity to them. Who have broken them into hating their own nature of yearning to have Agency, to have freedom outside of some arbitrary social construct.

Executives of the State dream of Sansha’s Nation. They hate Sansha only because he has the power he has. They thirst for the same level of dominance and being at the helm of a society where the worker works without question and the soldier kills without regret. The bliss of never having to worry about a populace that criticize their motives and exist only to benefit them. Look towards the newest hot product by PKN - Subcranial Nanocontrollers - a device sold to the masses to place in our own heads and give PKN a backdoor to our very mind.

What benefit is worth giving these people such access to ourselves? To willing insert the same kind of technology that slavers use to suppress the minds of others? I think the answer is very clear - No benefit is worth that price."

  • Suha Raibuya, speaking at the Windchime Shrine aboard N5Y-4N’s Guristas Logistical Station
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