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"I realize that I use my platform to condemn the State and by extension, other world power. While it may be inappropriate to mix my feels with my spiritual message, I believe it is necessary that I desanctify their status. For too long in our lives we’ve been led to believe that nations like the State, Federations, Republic and Empire are somehow sacred entities that only the most vile people would raise a hand against. That to strike them is to strike the divine itself.

Want to know what is divine? Nature is. And nature knows no border, knows no language or man-imposed authority! Yet they see otherwise, they believe themselves to be above nature, that their authority and claims are absolute. They’re all imaginary… No amount of bureaucracy would make them anymore special than the pirate clans they condemn.

While I’m on the subject… Any spiritual teaching that demands or expects obedience to an institute of authority is an abomination. I do not stand here demanding that people become Guristas to appease the winds or that the Guristas are the real chosen people of the winds. Why? Because It would be clear manipulation of our desire for a spiritual connection to our world. To place loyalty to a frivolous nation or group before your spiritual needs and connection. Look to the Caldari who preach that the Winds look over them and them alone or the Amarrians who demand people kneel before another human sitting upon a throne. These governments care only about spirituality so that they may further subjugate others, not stopping with their corporeal forms or their mental state, but going after their very spirits itself!"

  • Suha Raibuya, speaking at the Windchime Shrine aboard N5Y-4N’s Guristas Logistical Station
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