[KYBERNAUTS] Investigating the truths of Raravoss as EDENCOM evacuates from the system

RARAVOSS was the first of 27 star systems claimed through Liminal Proving over the past 6 months, and the first of only four Final Liminalities in Amarr space. The barren worlds of Raravoss were home to many industrial installations and resource extraction settlements, where many hundreds of thousands of my brothers and sisters were held in slavery.

In the wake of Raravoss’s procession to Final Liminality, a veil of silence has blanketed all outcomes of Triglavian invasions in Amarr territory - but a number of reports have pierced this veil, and have given me hope for a possibility we Kybernauts now seek to explore directly, as EDENCOM forces evacuate this soon-to-be-changed star system: that the slaves of Amarr may have found a semblance of liberty in the Triglav, and that the Amarr and EDENCOM have put forth great effort in suppressing this information.

Following a sequence of events below, an operation plan for the direct investigation of settlements on Raravoss III will be summarized as it commences.

Raravoss processes into Final Liminality on 3 June, YC122.

--Hours after Final Lim sets in, all communications with the settlements of Raravoss are lost.

Only Amarr slaveworlds have gone silent in Final Liminality; the worlds in Gallente and Caldari space have been loud, enough so in their turning support toward the Triglav and alignment with the Flow of Vyraj that EDENCOM itself has begun to impose information blackouts on these locations.

–Before communications were lost with Raravoss III, the most heavily-exploited and colonized planet of the system, several reports indicated Triglavian forces landing and moving to directly seize and occupy its underground facilities.

–Conflicting reports follow, concerning Raravoss III’s Port Sarum: one claims that the launch facility had been destroyed from orbit, while another claimed that it had been lost to Triglavian forces landing on the barren industrial world.

It has been observed that Port Sarum has INDEED been destroyed, but there are indications that the Triglav were likely planetside and present at the port when this occurred.

–AEGIS, Arkombine, and Mordus Legion clone soldiers reported to be active in system, but all involved parties deny any presence in Raravoss - some reports and assertions suggest that these forces intended to sample Triglavian stellar manipulation technology.

–On 19 June YC122, Qilfim Ur-Sarum, Holder of Raravoss, is reported to be seeking asylum in the Gallente Federation. When pressed for information, House Sarum simply responds that “There is no such person”.

“Former Holder of Raravoss Qilfim Ur-Sarum reportedly detained by Black Eagles following Asylum Request.” - The Scope

Qilfim Ur-Sarum was struck from the Amarr book of records for an unknown reason, following the loss of his system to the Triglav - but no similar fate has befallen the holders of Harva or Niarja.

–In the hours before Final Liminality was attained in Harva: “Majority of “Indentured Workers” Evacuated from Low Population Harva IV’s Chemical Processing Plants on Coasts of the “Quasi-Temperate” World”

Reports were also made of similar actions in Niarja and Kuhara: since Raravoss, the Amarr have assigned paramount priority to the evacuation of slaves from systems falling under the control of the Triglav.

I assert the following possibility - one that I intend to pursue and illuminate the truth of:

–The Triglav race, given their great upholding of the element of human will and the rejection of coerced hierarchies, hold the concept of human slavery in contempt of the Flow of Vyraj.

–The slaves of Raravoss found liberation in the Triglav, direct or otherwise, and took the opportunity to rebel against their jailors and Holder, Qilfim Ur-Sarum.

–The Amarr themselves destroyed Port Sarum on Raravoss III after rebelling slaves, alongside the Triglav, captured the launch facility.

–Holder Qilfm Ur-Sarum allowed this to happen, either in the interest of preserving his own life or in a betrayal of Amarrian ideals for those of the Triglav. Either way, he was struck from the Book of Records for his actions or inaction, making him a nonperson - after which he went to seek refuge in the Gallente Federation.

–Since this incident, the Amarr have silenced all traces of this tangent liberation taking place, and have taken measures to ensure that the slaves imprisoned on the worlds of Harva, Niarja, and Kuhara were removed from the systems long before the Triglav took control of each one.

Thusly, in the wake of the final evacuations of EDENCOM and empire forces from Raravoss following today’s transmission from the Convocation of Triglav, we Sobornost KYBERNAUTS have launched a planetside mission to investigate the main industrial settlements of Raravoss, in search of signs or evidence of the truths of Triglav actions in Amarr space. Clone soldiers unaligned with EDENCOM or its signatories have been recruited for this operation.


Investigate main mining settlement and Port Sarum ruins on Raravoss III
–Explore mining settlement: Slave quarters, mines, Amarr and Holder chambers
–Sample direct-hit wreckage of Port Sarum for detailed analysis
–Search for and retrieve any digital records of events
–Search for any remaining Triglavian forces
–Search for any remaining AEGIS, Arkombine, or Modus Legion forces
–Search for any remaining previously-enslaved

* Teams will not engage Triglavian forces; should EDENCOM or empire-aligned forces be encountered, engage only if fired upon first. In any contact case, attempt communication and exchange of information.

* If civilians are encountered, teams will leave their fates to their own decision; any who may wish to leave will be evacuated, and any who may wish to stay will be allowed to do so. In either case, attempt exchange of information.


–Discover the fate of amarr-enslaved narodnya under Triglavian occupation
–Recover evidence of slave rebellion, liberation, or destruction
–Identify who destroyed Port Sarum
–Uncover trigger-actions and events for book-striking of Qilfim Ur-Sarum

Operation Initiated: Landing Craft Launched : 0700 hrs, 05.10.YC122

Sobornost Kybernauts assembled express prayers for the safety of the enslaved of Amarr, for the hoped outcome of Triglavian occupation of slaveworlds, and for the success of the landing team as Raravoss approaches its totality.


:red_circle: sponsored by Triglavians.

I wonder how a biased person like you will ever be able to reasonably and believably figure that out. Everything that comes from Triglavians is nothing but vile propaganda and distortion of the truth.

You are not even hiding that you are biased as you keep talking about them being liberated instead of their disappearance and non-knowledge about their fate. The used wording in this announcement alone puts a planet-size grain of salt in everything you will say later.

Our hope is to hear it from the mouths of the Minmatar themselves, those who your own propaganda dictates are only fit to labor in the service of your faith so that they may be “righteous” as they die for those who oppress them.

If the once-enslaved are more content to live alongside the Triglav, then I will be relieved. Should they be more oppressed, I will shift my current loyalties. My ideal is for all my brothers and sisters to be free to live as they please; should they find that anywhere - in the Republic, in non-empire groups, in the Triglav - so be it: as long as they consider themselves to be free.


:red_circle: sponsored by Triglavians

Freedom? You mean being chained and slaved to machines to keep you alive in a universe that you keep destroying? That sounds like a lovely place of freedom. However, I do not think this is what “freedom” means. Have fun with your investigations.

There are citizens in Gallente and Caldari space who have picked the side of the Triglav, deciding that their way of life is more optimal than the mode of civilization provided by their own empires.

If free Caldari and Gallente can feel this way, then certainly the enslaved Minmatar of worlds which will never likely be liberated by the Republic will see those offering them a place in the Flow as better than the ruthless Amarr who placed them in chains.

I thank you for your well wishes.

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:red_circle: sponsored by Triglavians

Caldari are hardly a surprise, considering that they are worse slavers than Amarr. Everyone knows that.
Gallente are interesting, as they generally see themselves as Champions of Freedom and Democracy. Makes me wonder what kind of individuals joined Triglavians. So far, the only people I know who joined them were outlaws and general trash of society. Or do you mean the citizens on invaded worlds like Vale or Aeschee which can’t be evacuated and were coerced to join Trigs to survive?

My thoughts on the inner motivations of those who choose to side with the Triglavians can be boiled down to the idea of not wanting to be slaved to a hierarchy. The Caldari are born to live for their corporations; the Gallente are slaves to capital, and have the largest wealth gap in the cluster within an empire, glamorous CEOs at the top and destitute people with no hope in the capitalist system at the bottom; the Minmatar in our own systems also have great difficulties in life in many cases, especially those liberated from slavery, and the Minmatar still-enslaved are under the harshest hierarchy of all.

I’d say that the people of Amarr are the most secure in their lives of all the Empires, enough so that the Triglav way of life seems far less of an improved option to them than it does to those of the other groups.


:red_circle: sponsored by Trigs

Trigs don’t have a hierarchy? :thinking: Last I heard, Zorya were their elites, Hospodors way above Raznaborg and Trigs are divided in several factions that slave their members to eternal combat. I can see the reason why people would believe their situation might improve but most of the times they just see things through (literally) rose-tinted glasses and ignore the reality. Makes me wonder what Trigs do with such weak minded and feeble individuals. What happens to Trigs who cannot win the fight of the Trig way of life?

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“Prove the direction of your flow or be extirpated.”
“Hear the words of our prayer and heed them.”

I suppose “if you are not worthy we will kill you” is one way to avoid being slaved to a hierarchy, but somehow I suspect that’s not what most of you are after.

(Nevermind the bit where the triglavians seem to be lead by someone called Zorya Triglav which kind of suggests some kind of hierarchy or a personality cult going on, too.)

Where did I say they are, or anything else about CONCORD?

No, you didn’t. You can’t because your entire narrative is already held up by rotten wood. The Triglavians provide an alternative to the imperial yoke of the empire. A better way to live and they have already proven more interested in the health and safety of baseliners than any of the big 4.


Lucky for you what I said in this thread is nothing to do with my narrative, so what that is or is not is irrelevant. What I commented on was Svreja Bjokor’s narrative, which was obviously counterfactual. Regardless of anyone’s opinions or any fact about CONCORD, it’s still counterfactual.

Reality is that which when ignored refuses to go away. Edencom’s fleets and command channels have vanished several times when not enough attention was paid to them but The Triglavian impact on our world is unflinchingly present, impacting galactic industry and logistics. You can bow out now or continue to make a fool of yourself, whatever choice you make now is of no consequence.

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Y’all murdered suns. I ain’t no fan of the Empires, but your actions have set you on their level at their worst, and then exceeded that.
I suppose this is when you start seeing the consequences of your actions.

The constant redefinition of the Triglavians intentions by their supporters is morbidly amusing.

First they claimed the Triglavians were refugees and that CONCORD etc. were evil for shooting at them.
Then they argued that the Triglavians were the original inhabitants of those star systems, and that CONCORD etc were evil for shooting at them because they were the rightful owners.
Now they’re arguing that those people now trapped on the planets are better off under Triglavian overlordship and that CONCORD etc were evil for shooting at them because the big four civilisations are “oppressive”.

What a load of tosh.

All that kybernauts have “proven” to the Triglavians is that they are easily persuaded willing gladiators, willing to fight and die for the entertainment of the Collective.



The fun part is - none of the three points you mentioned contradict each other.

So what’s the deal with them exactly?

Doctor Valate hit that nail right on the head on the sheer mental gymnastics the Kybernauts employ to justify their actions. Each time I hear one of their cronies parrot how the Triglavians are a peaceful lot, the amount of fortitude I need to not resort to violence is staggering.

If the triglavian are the so call “evil monster” explain why their giving their bio-adaptive suit to the population.

They could easy just get a punch of pop-corn and watch them die but, instead, they are helping them
Sure, with the intention of getting something back ( duh ),

I don’t need to explain a damn thing. This whataboutery and buttery is a symptom of the same phenomenon.

It’s simple. By appealing to the idea of an objective good/evil morality scale, the kybernauts express their fear and doubt of the righteousness of their chosen cause.
They come across as desperate for validation, to convince themselves and others that they’re not the “bad guys” in the conflict.
Thus, they are insecure and afraid. So afraid that their betrayal of the societies they came from makes them “objectively evil”.
So they try and argue that CONCORD or more recently, the Drifters, are the “Big Evil” and that the Triglavian cause is holy and just.

Because they’re afraid of admitting who and what they truly are.

so you don’t want to explain anything ? basicaly edencom