Divinity Social and Insensitivity

As NERI has resumed its duties to ferry refugees displaced by the Triglavian invasions, I had paid a visit to the Ney system in the Spaen district of Sinq Laison, formerly a jump away from the now Triglavian held system of Ala, to transport refugees that were formerly from Ala to a new location which will be disclosed when a formal release on the initiative’s activities is ready. On my last outward trip, however, I spotted this advertisement from what I understand to be some kind of dating service.

I’m sure that the context is not lost on anyone. While I’m aware that the Federation is more than libertine, it blows my mind as to how insensitive either the station’s staff or whoever determines which ads are shown in University of Caille stations are, nevermind Divinity Social itself for depicting the Triglavian barbarians as some kind of kink, where refugees from a stolen Gallente system have been temporarily housed.

I don’t even necessarily know what will come of me posting this on here, rather than advising other capsuleers of sound mind to not bother with whatever kind of service these people offer. I’m just in disbelief that someone thought that it would be a good idea to play this in an area where refugees from Triglavian aggression are being housed. Given that the Trig is paired with a Matari man, I can only hope that this tripe isn’t airing in the Republic either, as it would just be even more salt in their wounds.

If the University would be seeking a replacement to air, I’d be more than willing to submit to them a still of a disrupted gate to Ala, so that their priorities are at least straight.


Find the actor who smiles at the Trig and make it so that he never again gets any work offered in the civilized world. And if that actor is just virtual avatar, do the same to the company who created it and this spot. People and companies who propagate and support the normalization of Trig atrocities should experience the full force of the consequences they glorify. They can try and look for work in Pochven if they really want to help the Trigs.


Oh, so now all trigs are to be condemned for the crimes of a few. Sounds pretty racist to me. What’s next, are you going to try to assert that all trigs are terrorists, or that they are an inherently violent people?

And if that wasn’t enough, we got Zahlyd advocating that the actor and the ad company get cancelled?

Wow. Just wow.

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That must have been someone in upper management thinking controversy will make the ad more remembered and talked about. Marketing ignoring reputation and publicity. I wonder where it will take them…

For now I even didnt hear any sorry from them, so it must be someone really… inexperienced making decisions there.


Also noticed this add in Amarr stations. I can understand the commercial value of shocking advertising, but this is …

I don’t care much about race or religion or any other group identity issues. But this is too liberal, too soon…


It’s in every station. So blame CONCORD.


I don’t need to assert anything. Their actions speak for themselves.


All you need is love
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One part of me wants to agree and say: “Yeah, we don’t know every Triglavian wants to kill everyone and we shouldn’t judge them all as evil by default.”

But the larger part of me is like: "THEY DEVOUR STARS."



Being “cancelled” is the least that should happen to those that try to paint such a universal evil in a positive light. If it’s someone’s kink that they’re in to Triglavians, I don’t care. They should keep it to themselves. When it’s showcased to people who have had their homes eradicated and their friends who couldn’t make it with them bioadapted into who knows what that the Collective have turned them in to now, then there should absolutely be repercussions for it, yes.


It’s an advertisement in very poor taste, considering it was only but a mere quarter ago the unified defence forces of the Big Four were fending off active Triglavian invasions. This advertisement should be withdrawn and an official apology from all those involved issued immediately. Thousands of millions have died or are in the gravest peril at the hands of these monstrous people.

No Triglavian has ever indicated the possibility of peaceful co-existence. Every Triglavian encountered has been completely hostile to the people of the Big Four, regardless of the methods used in obtaining compliance in the occupied systems.

If the Triglavians had opened dialogue and communication, I am certain provisions could have been made if they were genuinely fleeing the abyss out of fear for their lives. However, they came to us with clenched fists and swords in hand and have wrought untold tragedy on our worlds. They don’t get to be treated as anything but until the day comes that they return what they stole.

To answer your next question, the Triglavians have given no indication that they are anything but inherently violent and combative. This would go into explaining why they immediately resorted to violence in order to achieve their goals of establishing Pochven.


Wow. Capsuleers poured into trig space and slaughtered them by the thousands for financial gain, and you blame the Triglavians for not trying hard enough to find a peaceful solution? Victim blame much?

Really, because the trigs don’t attack me. Makes me wonder if it was actually the trigs who decided against peace, or if it was the big four and the wider capsuleer community.

I bet if people weren’t get so rich off of trig resources, salvage, and tech, a peaceful solution would have been found. But there’s money to be made, and we don’t want to feel bad about slaughtering people for profit. So we find ways to pin all the blame on them.

I first saw this advertisement when five thousand refugees were disembarking from my vessel. The result was that several citizens ended up in the medical bay of the station after the protest turned into a scuffle with station security. It is utterly inappropriate for an advertisement depicting foreign aggressors to be played in a station belonging to the Chief Executive Panel which has been specifically earmarked to receive home-bound refugees from the outer colonies. It is not only disrespectful to them, but a mockery to our people as a whole, as we don’t even use dating services: Matches are made by the megacorps based on ethnicity, personality compatibility, socio-economic equity between partners and physical appearance. There is literally no market for their product here.

The Triglavians came into our homes, killing and pillaging in the name of “proving” and “glorification”, and you dare lecture us on morality? We do not kill them because we want to, but because we must. Because if we let them, they will take away everything.

The Triglavians let you into their space to tempt you with shiny baubles, you simpleton. You not only took the bait but swallowed it, hook, line and sinker.


Find one who hasn’t been part of their invasion.

You know, it’s a funny thing… ‘cancelling’ used to just be called ‘being disgraced’. It’s as old as humanity, and the people who are suddenly having fainting fits about it generally seem to be shocked at the idea that they might be held accountable for their own statements and actions.


Just as much as I blame the Big Four and CONCORD. If the Collective is so morally superior, why haven’t they reached out to make peace? They’ve already demonstrated a willingness and capability to address the entire cluster. It’s gotta start somewhere, and I am feckin tired of trying to bridge the gap my damn self. Bad enough Marshal Valkanir is just as “incommunicado,” as my pa would say.
I’ve called the Collective the Fifth Empire before, and that’s still applicable. Kybernauts are just as blindly loyalist as any other Empire’s loyalists. Doesn’t matter which way ya look, it’s all a complete shite-show.


Triglavians have 3 buttocks.

This is why CONCORD has not allowed the sale of captured Triglavian trousers, unlike the captured jackets & facemasks.

New Eden is just not ready for that kind of thing.


…that sounds like some of the more odd things you see in a Caille club than anything.

One thing must be admitted: Triglavians are true masters of manipulation and social engineering. Since the military conquest of New Eden with the help of Triglavian Collective followers calling themselves Kybernauts was not a great success, they have now changed their approach - they will attempt to assimilate into our society. It may take them many years, it may take a few generations, but eventually they will get the desired result: the perception of their race will change, they will gain sympathy and acceptance. They will be admitted to various important functions, they will lead organisations and institutions. When the time is right, they will initiate social and geographical changes (plebiscite?), tearing off more parts of the territory of the four largest entities and joining them to Pochven - simpler and easier.

Ultimately, the main Triglavian opponent is the Drifters and they mainly direct their efforts in fighting them. From their point of view, it is far better, using social engineering, to acquire entire New Eden systems and their resources in a less costly way, especially since they already know that their various offers hit fertile ground and gain the support of many Capsuleers. It is only a matter of time before the harms suffered are “properly” portrayed and the motives of the Triglavian actions “properly” explained, so that the numerous inhabitants of New Eden see the Triglavians as friends, saviours, partners…

After all, history is written by the victors, is it not?

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Well mostly history is written by a bunch of 3rd rate hacks that are trying to use the events of the past to make a socio political comment about the present.


We devour asteroid and ice belts, they only scale things up. As long you talk mining on a mineral or material level we don’t do anything else. Problem is when conscious forms of life get in danger. But again, that is only a matter of scale… What happens with biosystems when we get into excessive PI?

But I agree with the general feeling of surprise and disbelieve. At this point we know they inflicted a lot of suffrance, on a kosmological scale, far beyond what any faction ever did in New Eden.

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