I, Kranacoi Halvora, come to the IGS today to help cleanse my conscience, for the part I played in concealing the truth regarding the genocide of innocent men on a LUMEN Fortizar in Tanoo. As the 2IC to Lord Reginald Sakakibara, I bore witness to the mental breakdown of my friend and Master, and to the public executions he sanctioned of over one hundred men. Additionally, under the direction of Holder Shalee Lianne Cerra, I murdered an unarmed man in cold blood, in hopes of keeping the truth of this affair from becoming public knowledge. I only write this confession today, because I deem myself to be a man of honour, and consider the acts, listed above, to be not of my nature. I hope that by offering this confession, I may earn some credibility and attain some psychological help for Lord Reginald Sakakibara, whom has not been himself since the breakdown of his marriage to a Matari Freedom Fighter within Electus Matari. I seek to not only distance myself from the lies and deceit surrounding these events, but to also earn the forgiveness of capsuleer Tigerfish Torpedo, whom I murdered without provocation.

– Kranacoi Halvora


Amarrians breaking down and murdering innocents? Who would have thought.

At least you have the backbone to admit your wrongdoings in service to your master. I would not hold out hope for getting him ‘help’ however. The Amarrians don’t often accept and correct mistakes like this when it comes to their own.

I knew that foul things were happening in the Amarrian sphere, but had no idea things were this bad. Perhaps those, whom were already informed, following my previous post to the IGS, could have avoided this unnecessary bloodshed by investigating this matter internally.

Whilst this Halvora character has clearly operated in a manner unbecoming, I admire his guts in coming clean to the wider populace.


If this is to be made a public matter, you may as well provide further details for simple clarity’s sake.

Who were the hundred that were executed and for what declared reason?

If the executions were public, what was the truth that necessitated the ‘murder’ of an unarmed man to keep secret?

Was the man you killed the capsuleer call-signed Tigerfish Torpedo? If so, he seems to be alive and well, as far as clones go.

If anyone is to be able to judge the crimes being confessed to a more detailed account is necessary.


One would assume if the executions were carried out on a privately owned Fortizar that the definition of ‘public’ may not be used in the traditional sense.

Still, a reasonable set of questions. I am pleasantly surprised.

Am I the only one who thinks this sounds weird? A statement? Really? And why’s it so purposely inflammatory? This…sounds all wrong. If I didn’t know any better, I would say these aren’t even the words of Kranacoi Halvora.


It sounds more like a summary execution, which no purpose or reason. The irrational act of a madman.

Before you go demanding gossip and details, consider who else might be impacted by this. He’s baring his soul and confessing his crimes. Fine, whatever. It’s a bit of a weak, kinda dumbass thing to do when he could just go and submit himself to station authorities, but fine.

The rest of it? Details? Like what, the names of the slain? Those aren’t his wounds to re-open. And they’re not yours, either. Stars below, Aldrith, you used to have at least half an ounce of compassion for people like those who’ve already suffered at this idiot’s hands. You want to put them through that all over again, have their dead dragged back out and paraded around?

If they want to identify the dead, and stand in judgment, that’s their right. Demanding that he victimize them all over again? Isn’t yours.


Just to pre-empt having to do this fifteen times elsewhere:

No further comments will be coming. Keep EM out of this.

Thank you.

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It does all seem rather odd.

Since it has become fashionable to slander my name with falsehoods, please allow me the opportunity to untangle this web of half-truths and blatant lies.

The truth is that Lord Reginald Sakakibara and Literia Khammael were married within the last two months with myself officiating the wedding on the LUMEN fortizar in Tanoo. Kranacoi Halvora was in attendance as best man. Sometime later, Literia joined the ranks of Electus Matari without first discussing it with Reginald. For any of you young capsuleers who aren’t familiar with Electus Matari, they are an organization sworn to fight against the Amarr. Hence, Lord Reginald divorced her and asked that their unborn twins remain within the safety of the LUMEN fortizar. Literia went into labor almost immediately and bore their twins. She was free to leave, but Reginald insisted that the children remain for their own safety while they could negotiate some sort of understanding regarding their upbringing.

A week later, the security of the Sakakibara Quarter within the LUMEN station was breached. Reginald’s and Literia’s twins were abducted. The next day, Literia made public comments within the IGS channel discussing her children, so one has to presume that Literia orchestrated the whole thing to take the children away from their father’s protection.

After the breach, Lord Reginald and I dismissed every servant, guard, and employee living within the Sakakibara Quarter under the assumption that there was a mole amongst the population to aid Literia’s strike team.

I have no knowledge of Kranacoi, whom I briefly dated, ‘killing’ Tigerfish Torpedo, whom I was once married to. But these accusations reek of jealousy and silliness between the two men. If anyone needs ‘psychological help’, it is Captain Halvora. Though I do have to agree with Captain Azazel Drakonis, that this statement seems wholly out of place from what I know of Kranacoi.

Indeed, the language of the statement that—as Captain Drakonis points out—is ‘purposely inflammatory’ seems yet another bald attempt to discredit myself and Lord Reginald. I do not find these ongoing attacks surprising, especially as I have taken a more public stance on abolitionism. I reiterate again that slavery is an evil that must end and no amount of personal attacks nor slander will prevent me from continuing to seek the end of the institution.

I humbly apologize for this ridiculous drama. If any of this were true, then Kranacoi should have immediately reported the ‘massacre’ to LUMEN authorities and sought absolution from clergy, not the ‘Court of Capsuleers’ for their amusement.

Lady Shalee Lianne Cerra


Anyone can make a false confession.

Thank you for presenting your side of the matter, Lady Cerra.

It seems this is a complex affair and the truth of it will not be ascertained by anyone without considerable investigation, which would fall within Khimi Harar’s jurisdiction. The confession made in public should have instead been made to that alliance’s leadership to prompt such an investigation. I pray this will occur and it be resolved there.

Alas, individuals within the public sphere will take it as they will now, but I at least will have the good grace to drop it until such time that it is resolved.

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I think you’re incorrect. Lit left and had the twins elsewhere.

What a bloody shambles this is. No one can get their stories straight.

I will admit to having some difficulty remembering the far past due to some cloning incidents. It happens. However, I assure you that I clearly remember that Literia gave birth upon the fortizar. I was there, as was both Lord Sakakibara and Kranacoi Halvora. The children were in residence for nearly a week before they were abducted.

Please do not presume to tell me what I remember, having witnessed first hand and holding her hand after the fact of the births… so how can you say that it never happened? I visited those children daily before they were taken. So yes, it happened. Station logs can prove it, not that it really matters any longer.

You may believe what you wish, honestly. At this point, I don’t care. The children are with their mother and Lord Reginald is no longer married to someone that fights under the Electus Matari banner. I do wish her all the best. I was never an enemy to her personally, and I only want what is best for those children.

However, as my good friend Godwin Modes from Retconnia says, “If you weren’t there, then how can you really know any truths or falsehoods?”

That is my story, straight.

Lady Shalee Lianne Cerra

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Right, I’m washing my hands of this.

Where can I meet this person so I can befriend him, so that I may use the same quote in the future.

If you have committed a crime and feel a need to cleanse your consicous for real, you shouldn’t tell everyone that you’re a criminal. You shall submit yourself to a tribunal and answer for these crimes in full accordance with rules and regulations.

Public announcement does not help even a tiny bit, especially considering capsuleers are protected by CONCORD mandate, and thus even public confession doesn’t guarantee adequate punishment.

Moreover, a confession with relaying blame on other people can constitute a slander, as their guilt is to be acknowledged either by session of court of law or their own confession that should have been made before your statement, or otherwise shall be obviously evident.

Public slander is not something than a man of honour shall ever commit.

@Diana_Kim It was an honor to fly alongside you as a fellow member of the Guardian chain today in defending the loyal holders of Providence such as the Militia’s TMOCC when the Curatores Veritatis Alliance, their sworn protector, turned against them in order to work with some of the most infamous capsuleer pirates in all of New Eden.

Amarr victor.

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Thank you, sir. I am honored.