Thank You To You All

I first came to this place as a representative of the Highway Police - a corporation within the New Order of New Eden - also known as the CODE. Alliance. I was quite the sabre rattler and this wound many of you up the wrong way. I can’t apologise for this as I thought I was doing the right thing - I was trying to improve the lives of non-capsuleers by giving them back the industries capsuleers had taken from them like mining and hauling, for instance.

However, when it was exposed that my corporation’s leadership was corrupt and that I had been, well, duped, I fell into a spiral. I fell into lock-step with the Khanid Kingdom and supported slavery - an action I knew in my heart of hearts I could not support. This is not to say those Amarrians or Khanids who do are inherently evil or inferior to me - I no longer want to make those judgements on others as I am not infallible myself - but that I, personally, could not support it.

I stole slaves from a Holder who was sending them to Kahah as support to the people there as part of a humanitarian relief effort I was trying to organise. I tried to take them to Caldari space knowing that they would be protected there but I was caught on the border, arrested and jailed. How I got out is not important to discuss right now but it was wrong of me to try to free slaves without taking into account their views - whether they wanted to remain Amarrian or not. And I did it because I thought I knew better.

Since being taken under the wings of a mentor who is to remain nameless and an organisation whose belief in me shall be repaid through my not speaking their name, I have learnt a lot about myself. I have learnt that everything I did before was of my own ego. That all the times I was doing what I thought was best for others, merely led to death and devastation.

I have killed so many innocent civilians. I have destroyed so many families across the cluster. I have hurt more people than I could ever atone for.

However, many of you have believed in me. You have made me believe in myself. And, as such, I have been accepted into the Signal Cartel. Now I shall endeavour to rescue as many people as have been hurt my me and to tip the scales of judgment back into the positive. For when the Gate opens, I must be worthy to walk through into Paradise.

I can’t thank you all enough in helping me grow as a person but please know that I love you all as brothers and sisters in arms. Well, perhaps not arms any more but you know what I mean! And I include those that I haven’t always gotten on with like Diana Kim; those that are seen as almost venerable capsuleers like Dame Elkin; and those who others have painted as villains like Duke Chakaid.

Thank you, IGS. Thank you all.



While in principle I consider peace to be desirable, and I’m glad atleast some Capsuleers are this empathetic. I cannot in good consciouss support opposition to the liberation of slaves. One who has been abused and brainwashed like slaves have cannot be considered able to make informed consent to their decisions, and if liberation must be won through battle then that is a battle worth fighting to the end.

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I believed in you. Not anymore.
I believed to you. Not anymore.
I tried to help you. Not anymore.
I will appreciate if you won’t bring my name anymore.

Always remember that you don’t need to feel bad for killing Amarrians.

Don’t cut yourself on all the edge.

Anyway, Ms. des Larmes, it’s wonderful that you’ve found your way into such a respectable organization. I’m happy for you.


There’s nothing edgy about this. Are you a child? :roll_eyes:
Killing Amarrians is a worthwhile thing to do and there’s zero need to feel bad about them.

Empire Agents and Holders are fair game, civilians, at the very least, shouldn’t be killed for the sake of killing.

I respect your opinion, yet I disagree.

Think about it.

With the Vitoc method, slaves are injected with a toxic chemical substance that is fatal unless the recipient receives a constant supply of an antidote.

These people, slaves, are basically dying every single day. The only thing that saves their lives is the antidote. It’s not only a perpetual death sentence, these people can be considered dead already. They die every single day, on the inside, and the “treatment” is just prolonging their death sentence.

I see zero reason to feel bad about killing people who support this, no matter the reason. They deserve to be treated in-kind. They benefit from the protection of fleets run by Amarrians using slaves, which means they benefit from slavery, which means they benefit from perpetual death sentences, which means they benefit from the potential death of those who unvoluntarily help protecting them.

No reason to feel bad at all.

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Spoken like a person who has never once met a slave.

Our kin are often subjected to brainwashing and abuse, yes, whether through religion, Vitoxin, TCMCs, and any other color of victimization. And even in freedom it can be hard for them to shake off those influences, if they survive at all.

To blame and punish those people, who suffer through no fault of their own, is not just folly. It’s as cruel as the same abuses you’ve already acknowledged.

Don’t kill the slaves. Kill the slavers and abusers who did this to them.

(And as a note to Solstice, Amarrians aren’t all automatically slavers and abusers who deserve killing, and neither is this view limited to just citizens of the Empire.)


My apologies, i did not mean to come across as advocating this. What I wanted to do was criticize opposition to the liberation of slaves, I would never advocate for killing them and I’m terribly sorry to have caused you harm if It came across this way. I meant that if someone has been enslaved and don’t want to be free at the time then, for the above reasons, one should still strive to set them free regardless.

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Please, respectfully, can we leave the pro and anti slavery arguments out of this thread? I would like to see somewhere in the IGS be immune if possible whether I agree or not with the sentiments of either side.


" it was wrong of me to try to free slaves without taking into account their views - whether they wanted to remain Amarrian or not"

It doesn’t sound like you learned anything at all. Many capsuleers are cowardly creatures who like to use moral equivalence as a shield to avoid helping people in any real way and it seems you have been “taught” to get on that fence.

Slaves are brainwashed,darling. Raise me from childhood to serve your every whim and know no other life and will you be surprised if I say i wanted to stay? Would that make it right?

You dared take a risk. That is commendable. Some MAY be harmed but in trying to work with the system, all WILL be harmed.

Do not be a fool.

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Same here. Best wishes.
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