Raid on Khanid Slave Ship

Not gonna lie. I’m starting to like this guy.

“The complacent nature of society toward slavery has been a blight on humanity both hypocritical and malign in nature. The bondage of the masses goes against the basic tenets of free society. Those who enjoy these freedoms while calling those who fight for it extremists or terrorists allow people like the slaver Kufail to prosper. The massacres in Kahah forced our hand. We will not pause when our kinsmen and others are denied the right to freedom and murdered for demanding it. We will strike down those responsible and use them as an example.”

I mean, they didn’t start blustering about it until they themselves became victims to it, but at least they’re learning. Welcome to the fight, Intaki. Feel free to avail yourselves to our experience in it.

Anyone else who feel like they should probably drop the complacency and join the right side of history, don’t worry. It’s really easy. You see a slaver or a supporter of the Khanids, Imperials, Angels or Sansha or whatever, and you shoot them in the face. Simple as that.


Say the neo-slave holders of the Gallente where people are enslaving themselves voluntarily to work, addictive entertainment and abusive private relationships.

Ergo, those things have nothing in common with actual slavery.


You always were a bit of a tit, but are you really going to try bringing out that tired old “gainful employment is slavery” nonsense? Really? Comparing the ownership and coercion of human beings with liking particular types of entertainment? Bringing up abusive private relationships, in a subject dealing with slavery?

Please up your game. It’s awful.


Slavery is the circumstance where you are being forced to do something against your will. Modern working conditions are no different to actual slavery: You work because you are forced to; you can barely make ends meet, which forces you to work more; you belong to your employer/contract providers especially if you are an external contractor/freelancer; you are being coerced into voluntarily giving up your personal data to shady companies like Egonics, Scope or Noh just so that you can enjoy the latest flicks. Slavery has lots of different forms and excesses. One form is universally condoned because people engage in it voluntarily, the other is hated because you are being forced to. I see a lot of hypocrisy here.

As a slave for the Amarr you at least get a home. As a slave in the Gallente Federation or Minmatar Republic, you have to pay for that yourself off of the meager income you claw out of the sewage.

Going to have to source your claims there, boyo. That doesn’t hold true in any civilized nation in New Eden. More importantly, if you would only work because you were forced to, I have to question just what a useless waste of biomatter you were even before capsuleerdom.

Thinking that contributing to your society in order to reap the benefits of society is slavery may be one of the most moronic things ever uttered. There’s a thousand things wrong with pretty much every society in New Eden, but this is not one of them for the great majority of it, even if you could somehow speak universally of such great swathes of human societies.


Only the naive think like that. Look at the billions of workers in low paying jobs in the Gallente Federation who enable your lavish live style in the first place. Or the poor sods in your ships.

I was and still am a good business man who pays his employees very well so that they can afford a very high quality of life level. I even had Gallente citizen working under me and they described their previous employment opportunities as utterly unbearable (poor work conditions because of cost saving measures to maximize profits, dangerous work conditions because companies cut back work protection measures, underpaid work and bad payment morale from certain and also high profile companies, etc.). Their reports speak for themselves.

There are sporadic instances of slavery in the Federation, usually associated with criminal activity - i.e. Serpentis using slave workers on their drug farms. Occasionally though, wealthy Gallente are found to have used slavery in their homes or businesses.

That said, I don’t really know what that guy is on about.

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Just pointing out the hypocrisy with which the Federation people complain about slavery in Amarr when they have just as many problems with it.

Interesting definition of “just as many”.

Again, you’re comparing voluntary work, where the worker can if they so choose ■■■■ right off and find other employment, create their own employment and so on and so forth with slavery, the ownership of human beings and taking away their ability to choose or self-determination.

It doesn’t matter how shite an employer in the Federation, Republic or even the State is. It can be an utter and complete horrorshow, and still never get anywhere near what slavery demonstrably is.

Again, comparing gainful employment, no matter how crap the circumstances might be, with slavery is simply an utter and complete failure to understand even the most basic elements of what slavery is.

This is some “I am fifteen and this is deep” bullcrap if there ever was.

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You are just ignoring realities with your gainful employment euphemism. You are the perfect corporate shill with this kind of attitude.

Goes to show how much being a capsuleer has gotten to your head. You don’t even know how live is planet-side any more and just spout your nonsense about self-determination that’s nothing but a fake dream to keep citizens quiet and complacent.

I don’t think you’ve ever actually interacted with reality, given your absolute lack of understanding of how it works. I swear, they’re letting more and more edgelord tweens into the capsuleer programs.

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EDIT: Ah, nevermind - a member of Coreli Corporation… Now it all makes sense…


mirrored from the other thread: In the good and decent spirit of my corporation being a perpetual diplomatic incident in everything we do, I hereby offer half a billion isk to the person or entity that both rescues and delivers the lost idama to the government of Intaki Prime.

Just, you know, because it seems like we’re all going all in on making life for the khanid kingdom hell. Might as well get in on the fun.


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